Now the he's officially divorce from Fergie, mock Duhamel has found himself a brand-new girlfriend. The two have actually been dating roughly two year now and also their connection started in the middle of the finalization that Josh's divorce from the singer. 

In his new relationship, resources have argued that mockery is "really happy." 

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Josh Duhamel's girlfriend is Audra Mari, a 27-year-old American version who was named Miss people America in 2016. The two of castle were freshly spotted by People Magazine the end on a day night in Malibu. 

The couple was previously recognized to go out in public together regularly, often holding hands. 


“They’ve known each other for rather some time and also began dating seven or eight months ago,” a resource speaking with People said in February 2020. “He’s yes, really happy through her.” Josh, that is 48, is 21 years older than Audra. They began officially date after Josh and Fergie announced their break-up in 2017, but prior to their divorce was finalized in November that 2019. 

In addition to being Josh's girlfriend and a wildly successful model, Audra additionally has a history worth exploring. She is originally from phibìc Dakota and also is of Filipino descent. 

Her father moved to the U.S. From the Philippines in stimulate to produce a better life because that his family, and Audra said that his story to be proof that anything is feasible in the U.S. 

In enhancement to her immigrant roots, Audra was additionally bullied in school. In an interview with Seventeen in 2011, she explained that she was made funny of since she was so tall and thin. The other girls in her class would apparently speak to her "sasquatch." Eventually, she told her parents what was going on. 

“Finally, ns told my mom, ns told her whatever that to be happening. She speak to the administration, and they carried the girl in and talked come them around it,” she called the magazine. “You just have to lug it come the fist of human being in a position of authority.” even in 2011, Audra was currently competing in pageant competitions and also working as a model. She's also done modeling work for significant corporations favor H&M. 

Fergie and also Josh's partnership ended earlier in 2017. 

“With pure love and also respect we chose to separate as a couple earlier this year,” they stated at the time. “To give our family members the finest opportunity to adjust, we want to save this a private matter prior to sharing it with the public. We are and also will constantly be unified in our support of every other and also our family.” 

The 2 were married for eight years, indigenous 2009 come 2017, and share a son named Axel. 


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Before they acquired married, Josh and also Fergie started dating every the method back in 2004. 

They were engaged in 2007 and married 2 years later. By Hollywood standards, that's a fairly long relationship. Currently that they've parted ways, no one appears to harbor any ill will toward the other. Instead, they're both living their separate lives, and Josh has gotten in a relationship that apparently provides him happy.  

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