The mayor and also other Riverside public representative put occupants on an alert Monday that usage of illegal fireworks before, during and also after the fourth of July may an outcome in steep fines, when urging anyone to instead enjoy pyrotechnic extravaganzas that will be free to the public.

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"Let"s be clear: all non-city-sponsored fireworks in the city room illegal," mayor Patricia Lock Dawson said throughout a news briefing exterior City Hall. "You will certainly be quote if you"re caught with those."

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The minimum fine because that possession, circulation or use of unlicensed gadgets is $1,000 — the same penalty that applies under a Riverside ar ordinance.

"We"re excited to be part of the fourth of July, but take heed as we get in the season," Riverside Fire department Chief Michael Moore said. "Leave the fireworks come the professionals. Let them execute their job."

Moore listed that the one- come two-week duration around the 4th is the "busiest time of year because that us."

"Last year, we had 1,200 call for company for fire-type incidents," the said. "We had actually 18 actual framework fires. There to be 500 more calls 보다 in 2019. It"s in history dry... (Winter season) precipitation was under 40%. There space light, flashy fuels, and also a fire deserve to spread quickly. Be careful."


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The fire, police and also code enforcement departments have developed a municipal Fireworks Enforcement task Force, and personnel will be initiating active patrols beginning Wednesday, follow to police cook Larry Gonzalez.

"You don"t desire to invest the holiday weekend acquiring cited," that said. "The Riverside Police room takes the usage of fireworks really seriously. Make no mistake: we will certainly be citing human being for illegal fireworks."

The city will certainly be acquisition the unusual step of closing all access to mountain Rubidoux on the Fourth. Dawson said the move is intended to deter civilization from hiking the mountain and igniting fireworks for fun, creating wildfire hazards.

In vault years, the site has been among several wherein fireworks spectaculars space offered. However, this year, because of heightened fire danger, the show will be held just listed below Mount Rubidoux at Ryan Bonaminio Park, follow to the mayor.

"It"s been so dry, and that"s one more reason come emphasize no to participate with illegal fireworks," Councilman Jim Perry said. "Look up into the sky, and also leave the mirrors to the pros."

Gonzalez claimed all illegal fireworks activity should be reported via the city"s 311 speak to center, or in ~ 951-826-5311 and 951-354-2007, both non-emergency numbers.

In addition to the Bonaminio Park extravaganza, a fireworks present is reserved at La Sierra Park. Both shows start at 9 p.m. Sunday.

Last year, every fireworks celebrations to be cancelled due to the fact that of the coronavirus public health and wellness lockdowns.

In enhancement to many fires in the city, there were dozens in the unincorporated areas and also other municipalities countywide on 4th of July weekend 2020 due to illicit fireworks activity.

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The county applied an ordinance in April that elevated fines, varying from $1,000 to $5,000, because that possession and also use the illegal fireworks. Misdemeanor dues may likewise be filed.