AMERICAN Pickers’ daniel Colby and Mike Wolfe have known each various other for assorted years before the show airing top top the background Channel.

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The pair began working with each other in 2010 and also have to be filming the series for 22 periods so far.

Danielle Colby and also Mike Wolfe have actually been ideal friends due to the fact that before American Pickers aired

Are Mike Wolfe and Danielle indigenous American Pickers married?

Business partners Mike Wolfe and also Danielle Colby are just close friends.

Wolfe emerged the idea for American Pickers and asked Colby to it is in a component of the series as the shop manager for the antique stores.

The pair now star together in the newest season together Wolfe travel in find for more antiques.

Wolfe emerged the series and asked Colby to sign up with him

Who is Mike Wolfe married to?

Wolfe has been married come Jodi Faeth due to the fact that 2012.

The pair met ago in 1994 and have one daughter together, Charlie Faeth Wolfe.

Charlie was reportedly born with a cleft-lip palate yet received surgery and is law well.


Wolfe has been married come Jodi Faeth because 2012Credit: Getty images - Getty

The pair were likewise public about Faeth’s phase 2 non Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer diagnosis in 2013.

She recovered and also has to be cancer-free for virtually six years.

Who is danielle married to?

Danielle was previously married come Robert solid back in 2004.

The couple share two kids together: Miles and Memphis.

She supposedly attributed fame and also stardom native the show as to reasons why her marriage ended however continued showing up in the collection as a regular.

Colby then remarried French artist Alexandre De Meyer in 2015 but separation three year later.


Colby was formerly married and also has two childrenCredit: Getty Images

She is currently dating Jeremy Scheuch and is reportedly separating her time between Iowa and also Puerto Rico.

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When go the new season that American Pickers premiere?

The new season of American Pickers premiered top top January 25 and also 9pm ET on the background Channel.