GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — for those who have actually lost love ones to COVID-19, last goodbyes have been dampened because of virus mitigation restrictions. Hospitals have actually visitor limits and funeral attendance is capped.

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Funeral house owners room growing an ext frustrated through state rules that continue to border funerals to just 25 human being while restrictions for restaurants and also other venues have eased.

“I deserve to have much more people to visit the funeral luncheon 보다 the funeral,” legacy Life Story Funeral houses Vice president Matt Hollebeek said.

Hollebeek stated he feels defeated after reaching out come the state health and wellness department, the governor’s office and local lawmakers however getting ago only generic replies. He said that makes it harder because that him to define the limitations to households who room grieving.

Hollebeek said plenty of aren’t conscious that the 25-person lid on funerals is still in place.He stated he has had to have challenging conversations about which the the deceased person’s kids or grandchildren will certainly be allowed in.

Michigan has some the the most restrictive funeral rules in the an excellent Lakes area. Minnesota enables 50% capacity, Illinois set the cap at 50 people and Indiana 250 people. In Ohio, there space no limits.


“We are so concerned about the physical wellness of ours community. What is this doing to the mental health of ours community?” Hollebeek wondered. “We have households that we serve, they still have not had actually a funeral.”

Restrictions room not providing loved persons a opportunity to properly grieve, which Hollebeek claims is important.

“It’s everything, really. It permits you to identify that a death has occurred and also it permits you to begin your life without that human here,” he said.

News 8 got to out to the Michigan department of Health and also Human solutions to find out why funeral restrictions have not been loosened. A spokesperson responded with a generic statement that didn’t cite funeral homes.


“Is that a issue of human being coming together and hugging every other. Let’s talk about that,” Hollebeek said. “I was simply on an plane last week three in a half hours, that’s completely acceptable. Ns wasn’t hugging the human being next come me, yet I might too been.”

He claimed he is willing to take everything precautions are essential to rise the number people who can attend a funeral.

“We simply want a discussion,” that added. “Can we talk about it, can we job-related on that together?”

“The Michigan department of Health and also Human solutions (MDHHS) continues to do decisions that defend public health based upon the best accessible science and data. Michigan has actually made great progress due to the fact that the late loss peak, however, ar spread that the virus continues throughout the state, which way that protections together as limitations on the dimension of gatherings and also consistent masking and also social distancing remain essential to safeguard frontline workers and Michiganders almost everywhere from COVID-19. If us all follow this rules, Michigan can return come a strong economy and also get ago to normal safely as soon as possible. COVID-19 spreads in indoor settings where individuals socialize there is no masks and, through growing number of cases the the B.1.1.7 variant in Michigan, we continue to continue cautiously.

“Since November we have actually taken actions that have actually helped reduce the rate of COVID-19 cases and also saved lives. We understand that the recent Pause to save Lives, which to be initiated under the Director’s epidemic order, most likely saved more than 100,000 Michiganders indigenous contracting this deadly virus and prevented nearly 2,000 deaths, follow to aUniversity of Michigan study. MDHHS continues to monitor the data to do decisions on reopening venues or activities as well as broadening capacity in those venues. This includes case counts, percent positivity and also hospitalizations.

“MDHHS proceeds to meet with stakeholder groups about capacity limits and also other reopening questions and concerns and is ready to accomplish with those groups affected by the order to consider their input together we do future decisions.”

MDHHS spokesperson Lynn Sutfin

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — within of the huge picture home window at Henchman home Barbershop in grand Rapids, over there is a earlier bookshelf wall surface filled with men’s hair products, awards and also old-school barbershop memorabilia. Push previous the wall and yes a concealed room. Within the dimly lit space is a single chair. It"s practically a speakeasy setup for a haircut.

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