Garth Brooks and also Trisha Yearwood have actually been married due to the fact that 2005, yet the longevity that their marriage hasn’t retained the tabloids native speculating the the union can be comes to an end. One tabloid insisted that other Miranda Lambert to be somehow threatening the pair’s marriage.

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Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have been married due to the fact that 2005, but the longevity the their marital relationship hasn’t preserved the tabloids native speculating the the union might be comes to an end. One tabloid insisted that fellow Miranda Lambert to be somehow threatening the pair’s marriage. Gossip Cop investigated the rumors at the time, but decided to take it a second look in ~ the tale to doublecheck ours judgement.

‘Trisha and Garth’s marital relationship Crisis’

In January, the Globe ran a covering story around Brooks and Yearwood’s “marriage crisis.” The two were apparently in trouble due to the fact that Brooks want to team up through Lambert because that a significant tour. Yearwood supposedly “feels humiliated” that Brooks would choose to tour v lambert rather of her and also all the fighting “left their marriage hanging by a thread.” A source said,

Trisha is insanely jealous of Garth’s intense interest in Miranda. She’s furious through Garth due to the fact that she to know Miranda is a notorious man-eater who has a background of do the efforts to gain her hooks into married men.

The suspicious resource went top top to call Yearwood “incredibly insecure” and claimed the “She’s In Love with The Boy” singer to be “furious over exactly how close Garth’s grown come Miranda,” adding, “They’re fighting for this reason much about it, it’s left their marriage hanging by a thread.”

So, So, So much Wrong

Gossip Cop busted this story at the moment for so many reasons. No such tourism was ever planned. Lambert is married come a previous NYPD officer and also is no the “maneater” this tabloid provides her the end to be. She likewise called the end Brooks for lip-syncing once, for this reason if something there would be tension between those two.


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Plus, Yearwood and also Brooks have been married for over fifteen years now, for this reason it’s safe to to speak they understand each other. Yearwood go an interview simply a few weeks before this story came out saying she and also Brooks room “friends in ~ the end of the day, and we gain each other’s agency and like being together.” This story was together wrong as wrong gets.

How go The Year Go?

Brooks and Yearwood walk not acquire divorced. In fact, the two recently hosted a holiday special for CBS. Brooks released a brand-new album entitled Fun as well. Lambert has remained in the eyes of the tabloids. She had actually been ~ above a solo tour, yet that has because been delayed as result of COVID-19.

The Tabloids Did no Stop

The Globe just can not leave Brooks and also Yearwood alone this year. In an especially crass story, it stated the two had provided up weight loss since “fat’s wherein it’s at.” This to be a straight-up fat-shaming story that claimed the two were as well weak-willed to ever before deny a desert.

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In one more bogus nation music story, it declared Lambert’s ex Blake Shelton had actually turned into “groomzilla” while he prepared his and also Gwen Stefani’s wedding. Shelton and also Stefani room waiting come see exactly how COVID-19 theatre out prior to they setup anything. We also busted a story around the 2 of them fighting end a prenup, for an ext legitimate resources say the prenup is walk swimmingly. This tabloid simply has no real insight into the kingdom of country music and also prefers drama come reality.

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