Ties among the Brown, Newsom, Pelosi and Getty families date ago three generations. Click on image because that a bigger view.

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As Gavin Newson becomes governor of California, he’s composing a new chapter in the saga of four intertwined mountain Francisco families.

Gavin Newsom will certainly be the first Democrat in more than a century come succeed another Democrat as governor and the sequence also marks a huge generational transition in California politics.

A long-dominant geriatric quartet native the san Francisco only Area – Gov. Jerry Brown, Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer and also House speak Nancy Pelosi – has actually been slowly ceding power to younger politics strivers.

Moreover, Newsom is doing well someone who can be thought about his quasi-uncle, because his inauguration proceeds the decades-long saga of four San Francisco households intertwined by blood, through marriage, by money, by culture and, of course, by politics – the Browns, the Newsoms, the Pelosis and the Gettys.

The connections date back at the very least 80 years, to as soon as Jerry Brown’s father, beat Brown, ran for mountain Francisco ar attorney, losing in 1939 yet winning in 1943, with the help of his close friend and Gavin Newsom’s grandfather, businessman william Newsom.

Ties amongst the Brown, Newsom, Pelosi and also Getty households date back three generations. Click on image because that a bigger view. Graphic for vxcialistoufjg.com by Nazneen Rydhan-Foster.

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Fast forward 2 decades. Gov. Pat Brown’s management developed Squaw valley for the 1960s winter Olympics and afterward awarded a concession to operate it to wilhelm Newsom and his partner, john Pelosi.

One the the Pelosis’ sons, Paul, married Nancy D’Alesandro, who entered politics and also has now reclaimed speakership the the residence of Representatives. Another Pelosi kid married wilhelm Newsom’s daughter, Barbara. Till they divorced, that made Nancy Pelosi something favor an aunt by marriage to Gavin Newson (Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law was Gavin Newsom’s uncle).

The Squaw valley concession was controversial at the time and created miscellaneous of a rupture between the 2 old friends.

William Newsom want to make far-reaching improvements to the ski complex, including a convention center, yet Brown’s room of Parks and Recreation balked. Newsom and also his son, an attorney also named William, hosted a collection of controversial meetings with officials over the issue.

An eight-page memo about those 1966 meetings indigenous the department’s director, Fred Jones, buried in the play Brown archives, explains the Newsoms as being embittered and also the an elderly Newsom threatening to “hurt the governor politically” together Brown ran because that a third term the year versus Ronald Reagan.


Pat Brown’s bid for a third term failed, and also the Reagan administration later bought the end the Newsom concession. Yet the Brown-Newsom connection continued together Brown’s son, Jerry, reclaimed the governorship in 1974. The appointed the younger wilhelm Newsom, a personal friend and also Gavin’s father, come a Placer county judgeship in 1975 and three years later on to the state Court of Appeal.

Justice Newsom, who died a couple of weeks ago, had been an attorney because that oil magnate J. Paul Getty, many famously carrying $3 million come Italian kidnapers that Getty’s nephew in 1973. While serving on the appellate bench in the 1980s, he aided Getty’s son, Gordon, secure a readjust in state trust regulation that permitted him to case his share of a multi-heir trust.

After Newsom retired from the bench in 1995, he ended up being administrator that Gordon Getty’s own trust, informing one interviewer, “I make my living functioning for Gordon Getty.” The trust provided seed money because that the PlumpJack chain the restaurants and also wine shops that Newson’s son, Gavin, and Gordon Getty’s son, Billy, developed, the very first being in a Squaw sink hotel.

Gavin Newsom had actually been informally adopted by the Gettys after his parental divorced, returning a comparable favor that the Newsom household had done because that a young Gordon Getty many years earlier. Newsom’s PlumpJack organization (named for an opera the Gordon Getty wrote) led to a job in san Francisco politics, a stint as mayor, the sublieutenant governorship and also now come the governorship, doing well his father’s old friend.

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He’s maintaining it all in the expanded family.

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