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2017 during Jason Aldean"s headlining collection at the course 91 Harvest festival ~ above the las Vegas strip, a gunman opens fire from his suite at the surrounding Mandalay only hotel, death 58 and injuring end 500 in the most dangerous mass shoot in us history.More

2000 Australian rock tape Midnight Oil play your hit "Beds room Burning" at the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Sydney. Their black color outfits room emblazoned with the word "sorry," a symbolic olive branch towards the Aboriginals who were required from their lands by a federal government that refuses come apologize.More

1970 Janis Joplin provides her last recordings, singing "Mercedes Benz," which is included on she posthumous Pearl album a capella. She additionally records a goofy variation of "Happy Trails" together a birthday present for john Lennon. Joplin dies 3 days later.

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1965 at a concert at Carnegie Hall, Bob Dylan introduces his new band. Formerly Ronnie Hawkins" back-up band, lock were recognized as the Hawks, however soon ended up being The Band.

1962 The coast Boys release their first album, Surfin" Safari, which contains their debut single, "Surfin"." The album climbs to #32 in the US.More

1962 Johnny Carson"s Tonight show makes the debut. The theme song ("Johnny"s Theme") is created by Paul Anka, yet as component of the deal, Carson writes some lyrics because that the song that are published, but never used, earning him fifty percent of the royalties from the song, which space substantial, as the tune runs throughout Carson"s 30-year tenure on the show.

1947 Bing crossby broadcasts the first ever pre-recorded radio display when that airs his Philco Radio Time present on the alphabet network making use of a magnetophon, a Nazi recording technology discovered and brought come America through US military Corps Officer man Thomas "Jack" Mullin. The magnetophon leads to the development of multi-track record technology, i beg your pardon revolutionizes the music industry. Crossby becomes an investor in the technology, i beg your pardon he uses so the doesn"t have to always do his mirrors live.

1935 Julie andrews is born Julia Elizabeth Wells in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England.More

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2018 Peggy Sue Gerron, topic of the buddy Holly struggle "Peggy Sue," dies at 78.

2018 The French singer-songwriter Charles Aznavour dies at 94. His compositions encompass "Yesterday, once I to be Young" and also "If You go Away."

2012 kris Thile, the mandolin player well-known for his work with Nickel Creek and Punch Brothers, wins a Genius grant from the MacArthur Foundation. The structure typically accepts nominees with anonymous selection, and when Thile obtain the congratulatory call call, he thinks its a political robo-call until his agent looks up the number.

2011 Meat loaf performs at the AFL Grand last in Melbourne in between Collingwood and Geelong. Enduring from a hemorrhaging vocal cord, he struggles through the 12-minute collection and is blasted in the press. The singer responds by call AFL organizers "the cheapest people I"ve ever seen in mine life."More

2010 Justin Timberlake portrays Napster co-founder Sean Parker in the Oscar-nominated film The social Network, i beg your pardon depicts the founding of Facebook.

2007 exterior the Soho Revue Bar in London, Laura Marling and her band carry out a collection in prior of shocked and ecstatic fans. The society won"t allow the 17-year-old Marling inside to perform since it violates your strict 18 & end policy, so she bring away it come the streets. She later on returns come the society in February 2008 for an encore that sorts, performing indoors and onstage come celebrate the relax of her debut, Alas, ns Cannot Swim, and also her 18th birthday.

2007 A judge awards Kevin Federline custody that his two children with Britney Spears, reasoning that she can"t be trusted because of her "habitual, constant and consistent use of controlled substances and alcohol." Spears starts gaining her life together a couple of months later after her household commits she to a psychiatric institution.

2004 Bruce Palmer (bassist for Buffalo Springfield) dies of a heart attack in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, at period 58.

2002 great Charlotte release their second album, The Young and also the Hopeless.

2002 Ms. Shooting powder is the large winner at the UK Music that Black beginning (MOBO) Awards, where she is named best Newcomer and also UK action of the Year, and also her tune "It bring away More" wins best Single. She fades fast, releasing only one much more album in the "00s.

2002 The White Stripes beat a totally free show in new York"s Union Square Park, dealing with a large lunchtime crowd to a set full that covers and nuggets native the group"s 3 albums.

2002 Barry White"s brand reveals that the singer has actually been hospitalized with kidney failure. Unable to obtain a transplant, he dies nine month later.

1998 john Fogerty it s okay a star on the Hollywood to walk of Fame at 7000 Hollywood Blvd.

1996 Fountains of Wayne release their self-titled debut album, which took just 5 days to record.

1996 A repertoire of live Nirvana performances is exit on the album From the Muddy banks of the Wishkah.

Gene Simmons ultimately Marries Shannon Tweed


After 28 years and two youngsters together, Gene Simmons (62) and also Shannon Tweed (54) ultimately get married. Your wedding song is "At Last," sung by their daughter Sophie.

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The wedding takes ar at the Beverly Hills Hotel, with about 400 guests on hand, consisting of Hugh Hefner and also Simmons" Kiss companion Paul Stanley, who is in the wedding party.Before agreeing to marry him, Tweed, a previous Playboy model, insisted the Simmons burn his legendary repertoire of practically 5,000 Polaroid photos take away of groupies end the years. For the famously philandering Simmons, it"s a huge step, yet one he"s ready to take. "I had actually a come-to-Jesus moment," the says. "Am i gonna die alone surrounding by strippers, or carry out I die surrounded by my love ones? So, I chose to marry her."The wedding is later on broadcast on your reality display Gene Simmons family Jewels.