On December 11, 2008, the skeletal continues to be of two-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony to be recovered from inside a to wash bag in a wooded area close to her family’s home in Orlando, Florida. She’d been reported lacking in July by her maternal grandmother, who claimed that she hadn’t seen the kid in over a month. However, in one unexpected rotate of events, Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, was quickly charged in the case. She to be acquitted that first-degree murder and also other significant charges yet was discovered guilty of four misdemeanor counts. Casey’s life and her connection with her parents, though, had already turned upside down.

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Who space Casey Anthony’s Parents?

Casey Anthony to be born come George and also Cindy Anthony, who only wanted to understand what had actually happened come their practically three-year-old nephew after not seeing her for a month. They originally stood by and also assisted their daughter together she withstood the media storm, litany the harrowing claims, and court proceedings, but things gradually started to transform. As per George, Casey and Caylee had actually left the Orlando residence wherein he and his loving wife had raised their family members on June 16, 2008, no returning for 31 days. In ~ first, he thought Casey was just busy, yet that adjusted when the realized the her auto smelled like a dead body.


That’s as soon as George and also Cindy called 911 and also proclaimed that Caylee had disappeared. The Anthonys illustrated a solid front initially, yet throughout Casey’s psychological in 2011, she attorneys alleged that she was a victim the sexual assault at the hand of she father. Lock insisted the the toddler had died in an accidental drowning ~ above June 16 and that George, who had actually allegedly began molesting his daughter as soon as she was in elementary school, had actually disposed of the body. Ultimately, if nothing to be proved, the seemed choose the accusations had actually led Casey and also her parental to component ways for good.

Where are Casey Anthony’s parental Now?

In 2018, George and also Cindy Anthony opened up up and answered all feasible questions around their connection with your daughter and how they yes, really feel around her. George said, “She doesn’t should exist anymore, as far as I’m concerned.” However, that also included that he would love to have some type of a connection with she one day. He’s happy that she has moved on, yet he clarified that they are not in touch. V that said, in January 2019, George revealed the Casey did, in fact, reach the end to him adhering to his near-fatal automobile accident. She wanted to understand for herself if he was okay.

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“I would as with to phone call I’m sorry,” George stated. “You know that i forgive her…that’s hard for me come say. However you recognize what, I need to be forgiven through her…Forgive me because that what I’ve done. To all of our lives.” month later, in an additional episode that ‘The Dr. Oz Show,’ the patriarch the the Anthony family included that he will now shot to remain in occasional contact with Casey. “One thing I go say to her: ‘I would certainly love to view you, and I would love for to know where you’re at, how you’re doing."”

George further remarked, “I said, ‘Casey, no issue what, I’m still your dad, and also I love you."” together for where the married pair is today, that seems favor they quiet reside in your Orlando, Florida, family home. They did have some long-lasting legitimate troubles through the mortgage, yet they managed to avoid foreclosure by reaching a stylish settlement. Thus, besides making a few television appearances to talk about Casey and also Caylee, George and also Cindy choose to keep their personal lives far from the limelight.