Are cut Russell and Goldie Hawn lastly tying the knot? That’s what tabloids have actually been claiming for a if now. Gossip Cop has checked in ~ above the couple and deserve to report back.

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Marrying after Son’s Wedding?

Not long ago a report inNational Enquirerclaimed the Russell and also Hawn werefinally engaged after a three-decade long courtship. The pair was reportedly inspired after watching their son, Wyatt Russell, get married actress Meredith Hagner at his wedding. The publication also said the the pair had set the date for close to Christmas.

Gossip Copwas maybe to call a resource close come the couple that confirmed their stance on marriage hasn’t changed. The report became even more questionable when Christmas passed v reports the the pair wedding or also getting engaged.

Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn lastly Engaged?

Then, earlier last year,New Ideareported that the couple hadapparently changed their minds. On the word of an unnamed insider, the write-up claimed the the pair relented and also decided that they perform want to have a small intimate ceremony come celebrate their love v family. That course, this insurance claim had no much more evidence to support it, and almost a year has passed with no wedding.

Wedding dubbed Off?

Then,Gossip Copheard word the the pair hadmade wedding plans the were tragically dashedafter an argument. TheGlobearticle insisted the the pair had been butting heads over their wedding plans and simply couldn’t compromise.Gossip Copwas rapid to allude out the there to be no reports the the pair had been engaged to start with, let alone the they to be fighting through each other.

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Kurt Russell Scared into Marrying?

Finally,National Enquirerchecked back in top top the couple late critical year and also found the a recenthealth fear of kurt Russell’s had changed the couple’s minds. Follow to the article, they had actually plans to walk under the aisle ~ all, and it was back to a small, intimate ceremony. The finish turnaround in this tabloid’s story make it easy forGossip Copto i have dissolved the claims.

Very lot In Love in spite of Marital Status

As the today, the couple has made no plans to wed, and Gossip Cop doubts lock will any kind of time soon. Lock have constantly maintained that they don’t should be legitimate bound to prove their love to each other. It’s illogical to believe that a wedding could outshine nearly 38 years of dedication and a child together. If the pair does decide to gain married some years under the line, it’s clean the ceremony wouldn’t do their lives and also love for each other any kind of different. 

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