Fact check: cases making rounds on social media say the the create used by canned food suppliers Birds Eye, green Giant and also Pictsweet room from China



The coronavirus pandemic has actually led to the world turning upside down as world are trying their best to conserve themselves indigenous the virus andwinthe war against it. The coronavirus began from Wuhan, China and slowly take it its root in nearly every country in the world. Due to the fact that then, there have actually been plenty of groups of individuals who room personally shunning us from using any Chinese products, induced bydislike the the fact that the virus began there. A recent claim that is making ring on society media is the Birds Eye and also Green Giant, both frozen and also canned food companies, acquire their vegetables indigenous China.

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The posts very first started circulating on on facebook as world started posting about how they will not be buying commodities from bird Eye and Green Giant. The reason given behind this was that the two companies acquire their vegetables from China. The posts additionally includes the truth that Picsweet is a location to walk for U.S. Products.


A news source reached out to birds Eye to obtain some insight around their products and also from where their source. A spokesperson the the company named Dan Hare revealed thatapproximately 5% the the vegetables the are offered by the brandcome native China, and those are mostly edamame. Edamame is a green colour pod vegetables that has immature soybeans inside. He added that the majority of the vegetables are sourced fromfarms in the U.S. The main site additionally claims that the vegetables are sourced from regional farms. It have the right to be claimed that the case ofBirds Eye vegetables native China are mainly false.


Source: birds Eye vegetable website

Who own Birds Eyevegetables?

Birds Eye is a company that is own by Conagra Food in the joined States and Nomad foodstuffs in Europe. The founder of the firm was Clarence Birdseye. The was founded in the year 1923.

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Are Green gigantic vegetables indigenous China?Where room Green gigantic Vegetables packaged?

Green large is yet another agency that was said to have actually its frozenvegetables native China. The official website of the agency has a ar 'Where us grow'. Under that, they have offered the information around where the food is being grown and where the is getting packed. Thus, Green huge vegetables from China news is untrue. Castle write:

Our frozen vegetables space packaged in: Illinois, California, Minnesota, Idaho, Washington, and also Mexico.

Our crate vegetables additionally undergo the canning process near wherein they space grown: in Minnesota, Idaho, Wisconsin, brand-new York, the Netherlands, and also Peru.

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Image source: Green giant vegetables website

Green large do not source their vegetables indigenous China, while bird Eye has actually only 5% that Chinese vegetables

Where are Pictsweet vegetables grown?

The case has a third company name in its mix, yet this time that is supportive. The case states the Picsweet sources its vegetables native American farms and thus the is the ideal place come buy frozen and canned foods. The agency hails from Tennessee, together per a resource and itproduces packaged vegetable such as corn, green beans, carrots, broccoli, peas, and also squash, and frozen dinners, stews, and also quick meals. However, the site of Pictsweet does no include any type of information around the origin of the vegetables. However, together per a news write-up in a leading daily, unified Foods,which to produce PictSweet frozen vegetables, stated that they haveno foreign produce in that products.

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Google patterns Analysis

Google Trends show that many world searched for this piece of information. One deserve to see that the searchesreached a peak on may 26, 2020 in ~ 4.30 PM. Right here is the snippet:

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