The arms Act has been amended,- banning many semi-automatic firearms, part pump action shotguns, part tubular newspaper firearms and certain huge capacity magazines. There are restricted exemptions. Over there are also controls around who may possess parts of prohibited firearms.

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There is no longer a category of firearm known as a military layout semi-automatic firearm (or MSSA) and the old "E" proof is obsolete.

The freshly banned items are called prohibited firearms, prohibition magazines, and also prohibited parts. New offences involving prohibited items carry tougher penalties.

An amnesty and also buy-back scheme ran until 20 December 2019. Those who are still in possession of prohibition items have to hand this items in immediately to

2019 information on prohibition firearms

Prohibited firearms, parts and magazines

Prohibited weapons are:

All semi-automatic firearms (including semi-automatic shotguns), but:excluding rimfire rifles .22 calibre or less as lengthy as they have actually a newspaper (whether detachable or not) the holds 10 rounds or less; andexcluding semi-automatic shotguns that have a non-detachable, tubular magazine that holds 5 ring or less.Pump action shotguns that:Are capable of being provided with a detachable magazine; orHave a non-detachable tubular magazine capable of holding much more than 5 rounds.

Only those who fulfill one the the exemption categories and also who have used for and obtained a new endorsement and also permit come possess may lawfully possess a banned firearm.

Prohibited magazines are:

Shotgun magazines (whether detachable or not) qualified of holding much more than 5 rounds.Magazines for various other firearms (excluding pistols) that are:

Only those who meet one that the exemption categories and also who has used for and obtained a new endorsement and also permit to possess may lawfully possess a prohibition magazine.

Detachable magazines bigger than 10 rounds the are qualified of hold 0.22 calibre or reduced rimfire cartridgesDetachable magazines bigger than 10 rounds that are qualified of being supplied with a semi-automatic or completely automatic firearmOther magazines, detachable or not, that are qualified of holding more than 10 rounds.

Prohibited parts are:

Any part designed or plan to be an integral part of a prohibited firearm.Examples include: butt, stock, silencer, sightAny component that have the right to be used to permit a firearm come fire through (or near to) semi-automatic or automatically action.Examples include: gas block, gas tube, sub-calibre conversion kit.

Only those who have actually an endorsement permitting them to possess a banned firearm may lawfully own a prohibition part.

2019 perform of legal and also prohibited firearms

Firearm type


Prohibited firearm

.22 rimfire or smaller


No - but note the a magazine that holds much more than 10 rounds is prohibited.

.22 rimfire or smaller


No - however note that a magazine that holds an ext than 10 ring is prohibited.

.22 rimfire or smaller


No - if it has magazine stop 10 ring or less.

Yes - if it has a newspaper holding much more than 10 rounds.



Yes - if it is capable of being offered with a detachable magazine; or if it has actually a non-detachable tubular magazine capable of holding much more than 5 cartridges.

No - if that is not qualified of being supplied with a detachable magazine and also it has a non-detachable tubular magazine that is not capable of holding more than 5 cartridges.

Yes - unless below applies



Yes - unless below applies

No - if it has actually a non-detachable tubular magazine the is capable of holding no much more than 5 cartridges.


Under & over





Centre fire


No - yet note the a magazine the holds more than 10 rounds is prohibited.

Centre fire


No - yet note that a magazine the holds more than 10 rounds is prohibited.

Centre fire


No - yet note the a magazine the holds more than 10 ring is prohibited.

Centre fire



2019 Amnesty and also buy-back

The amnesty and also buy-back programme because that prohibited firearms, parts and also magazines ended on 20 December 2019.

An amendment to the eight (Prohibited Firearms, Magazines, and Parts) Amendment regulations (No 2) 2019 come into impact in November 2019 - this expand the amnesty period for select groups who possess prohibition items.

People who have actually made certain varieties of applications prior to 20 December 2019 - and also have received notification from the their applications have been received - will continue to have actually amnesty from prosecution for possession of your prohibited items while their applications space processed:

Modification that a prohibited firearmUnique Prohibited article assessmentP proof (and permit to possess) because that prohibited itemsDealer compensationOther applicants whose items are subject come a pre-planned setup for collection by

It additionally legally protects valuers, gunsmiths and dealers who might be associated in the over processes after 20 December 2019 (for example, valuers preparing valuations for distinctive prohibited item assessments, and also gunsmiths conducting modifications).

Unique Prohibited items applicants will certainly be in touch with those firearm holders who have used for distinct Prohibited items (UPI). Please proceed to keep your unique firearm, component or magazine safely stored if applications space assessed.

Modification applicants

If you room still wait for a gunsmith come modify your firearm/s, girlfriend must proceed to keep your firearm safely save until alteration can take place. You have to not use your firearm.

Once modified, the gunsmith will provide you with a certificate of perfect to verify the alteration has been completed. may follow up with you to check what arrangements you have made for the modification to be done.

Endorsement applicants

You must proceed to save your firearm/s securely and not use them.

You will certainly be informed of the results and also the endorsement application as soon as it has been completely considered. If your application is unsuccessful, us will describe the process for the hand in that your guns (including buyback options).

Dealer using for compensation

Having used for compensation through the dealer portal by 20 Dec 2019, certified dealer who have actually prohibited items must proceed to store their share and an individual items securely. Once applications by dealers are validated and also approved, we will advise dealers how their personal and commercial stock have the right to be handed in to us or will certainly arrange because that items come be gathered and compensation paid.

Complaints ~ above the Dealer Stock procedure can it is in made come dealer_compensation

To very nice one the firearm buy-back price

Should you wish to very nice the firearm buy-back price for her item(s), you deserve to do so come the district Court.

For more information please go to

View eight (Prohibited Ammunition) order 2019 from the new Zealand regulation website

The momentary amnesty because that persons possessing prohibited ammunition (Regulation 28Y the the eight Regulations 1992) finished on the 30 September 2019.

Regulation 28Y that the eight Regulations 1992 permits for certain persons (below) to possess prohibited ammunition.

A bona fide collector / a director or curator that a bona fide museum of banned ammunition

Under Regulation 28Y (1) of the eight Regulation 1992 the adhering to persons might only possess prohibited ammunition that is manufactured for small arms:

a director or curator of a bona fide museum:a bona fide collector that ammunition.

Small arms way (Regulation 28Y (5) eight Regulation):

a rifle the a calibre as much as 20 millimetresa pistol of a calibre as much as 20 millimetres

If you wish to save your collection of prohibition ammunition, girlfriend will must be recognised by together a bona fide collector of prohibition ammunition. To it is in recognised together a bona fide collector please:

Complete the POL67AC form attached with the appropriate supporting document/sIf approved, girlfriend will receive a “letter the recognition” the identifies you together a bona fide collector of prohibited ammunition.

If you carry out not wish to keep your repertoire of banned ammunition, then will certainly arrange to visit you and collect the prohibition ammunition.

A researcher of prohibition ammunition

Under Regulation 28Y (2) the the eight Regulation 1992 a researcher may possess prohibited ammunition if the researcher is—

employed or contract by—the new Zealand Defence Force; orthe academy of environmental Science and also Research Limited; andresearching the chemistry makeup the certain species of prohibition ammunition.

If you wish to possess prohibited ammunition for the function of research, friend will should be recognised by together a researcher of prohibition ammunition. To be recognised as a researcher of banned ammunition please:

Complete the POL67AR form attached with the appropriate supporting document/sIf approved, friend will get a “letter the recognition” the identifies you as researcher of prohibited ammunition

If you do not wish to proceed to own of prohibited ammunition because that the function of research, then will arrange to visit you and collect the banned ammunition.

Prohibited ammunition

(Arms (Prohibited Ammunition) bespeak 2019)



Tracer ammunition

Projectiles comprise an facet that allows the trajectory that the projectiles to be observed

Enhanced-penetration ammunition

Projectiles that have a steel or tungsten carbide penetrator intended come achieve better penetration

Armour-piercing ammunition

Projectiles to plan to penetrate or perforate armor plate and also ceramic armours, typically accomplished through the usage of hardened or specialised core materials

Incendiary ammunition(excluding flares for flare guns)

Projectiles draft to administer an incendiary effect on influence with the target

Explosive ammunition

Projectiles include a high-explosive charge that detonates on impact with or in near proximity to the target

Multi-purpose ammunition

Armour-piercing incendiary ammunition in which the incendiary compound is changed by a high-explosive fee to provide a blast, fragmentation, and also incendiary effect and an armour-piercing effect

Discarding-sabot ammunition(excluding shotgun cartridges)

Small-diameter projectiles designed come pierce armour that are inserted into a supporting plug (a sabot) and also then moved down the bore together an assembly; the sabot is stripped off as soon as the assembly leaves the barrel

Multi-projectile ammunition(excluding shotgun ammunition)

Ammunition that has the ability to fire lot of projectiles in a solitary shot (for example, duplex ammunition)

Chemical or biological carrier ammunition(excluding projectiles for any device designedand intended exclusively for any medical, surgical,veterinary, scientific, agricultural, industrial, orother similar lawful purpose)

Projectiles that have actually the ability to bring a chemistry or biological agent

Flechettes(excluding projectiles designed and intendedsolely for any kind of bolt gun, stud gun, humane killer,deer net gun, pond gun, or a pistol the is component ofrocket-throwing or line-throwing equipment)

Lightweight, fin-stabilised projectiles, fired indigenous a sabot, through an aerodynamic form and tiny frontal area come minimise air resistance

The guns Amnesty & Buy-back performance data has actually been updated as of 20 February 2020 and is published right here for your interest. These national statistics include an update because 20 Dec 2019 the exemptions completed or gift processed such as firearms modified, endorsements and also UPI.

A dashboard overview of the elegance & Buy-back per ar is now obtainable which consists of volumes, collection opportunities and malfunction by problem / category. Please see web links below.

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National Overview

Overview through District

Detailed Reports

Firearms buy-back system dataThis report gift the variety of buy-back firearms and also parts that were accumulated through public channels. Data is provisional as at 20 February 2020. The report has the brand (make), model/type as stood for on price list, and the condition and also ar the item was built up from.

The Act also contains a number of brand-new offences and also penalties consisting of the following:

maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment:using a banned firearm to withstand arrestmaximum penalty of 7 years imprisonment:unlawful carriage or possession of a prohibited firearm in a publicly placepresenting a prohibited firearm at one more personcarrying a prohibition firearm through criminal intentpossessing a prohibition firearm while committing any kind of offence that has a maximum punish of 3 years or moremaximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment:importing a prohibition itemunlawful possession of a prohibition firearmsupplying or marketing a prohibition firearm or magazinewithout lawful purpose, assembling a prohibition firearm or converting a firearm into a prohibition firearmmaximum punish of 2 years:possessing a prohibited component or magazinesupplying or marketing a prohibition part