New York has actually some that the strictest gun control laws in the country, especially after the new York secure Ammunition and also Firearms Enforcement plot of 2013 -- generally known as the NY safe Act — was enacted in solution to the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary institution massacre.

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The passage of the NY for sure Act saw a number of new firearms regulations in the state and a severability provision the ensures that even if one part of the law is invalidated, the continuing to be portions can remain precious law.

New York Gun manage Laws at A Glance

For more information about gun regulate laws in brand-new York, watch the table below.

Relevant law (Laws)

Illegal Arms

Waiting Period

Who might Not Own

License Required?

Concealed lug License Required?

Open brought Allowed?

Eligibility because that a Concealed lug License

Machine pistol Laws

Penalties for Illegal Firearm Possession

Penalties for Illegal Possession top top or close to School Grounds

New York Penal Law, chapter 40, short article 265, part 265.00 v 265.55; write-up 400, part 400.00 with 400.20
In general, that is illegal to possess an equipment guns, short-barreled rifles, and short-barreled shotguns in new York.
New York does not have actually a waiting period to purchase a gun, however a person must achieve a license to acquisition a handgun.
A firearm license is compelled for handguns in new York, and a person must comply through the licensing needs to possess a handgun. New York likewise prohibits people from possessing a lengthy gun if they have been judge of a serious offense as defined in Section 265.00 or if they have been certified not an ideal to possess a self-defense spray device, a rifle, or shotgun by the manager or doctor in charge of any hospital or college for mental illness.
A license is required to possess a handgun in brand-new York. It"s precious noting that brand-new York City has actually its own separate total laws and also that no all gun permits are automatically valid statewide.
New York requires a license to bring a hidden firearm.
Open carry of handguns is no permitted, but new York has actually no legislation restricting the open up carrying of long weapons in public.
To attain a patent to lug a firearm, a human must:Be 21 year old or olderBe of great moral characterNot have been judge of or have actually an arrest warrant for a felony or a major offenseNot be a fugitive native justiceNot be an unlawful user that or addicted to any kind of controlled substanceNot it is in an alien who is unlawfully in the United says or who has a nonimmigrant visaNot have actually been dishonorably discharged from the militaryNot have actually renounced the person"s citizenshipNot have declared whether lock have ever before suffered any mental illnessNot have actually been involuntarily committed to a basic under the jurisdiction of one office that the room of psychological hygiene or has not to be civilly confined in a secure treatment facilityNot have had a patent revoked or who is no under a suspension or ineligibility under a residential violence restraining orderSuccessfully finish a guns safety course and also test (only if the applicant stays in Westchester County)Not have had a guardian appointed based upon a decision that as a result of significant subnormal intelligence, psychological illness, incapacity, condition, or disease, they lack the psychological capacity come contract or manage their own affairsNot have any kind of other good cause to refuse the license.
New York prohibits the possession of an equipment guns.
New York has actually a long list of pistol laws and they space complicated. The potential penalties rely on the certain offense. Total offenses can be everywhere from a class A misdemeanor come a class B felony. A course A misdemeanor is punishable by approximately 1-year imprisonment and up come a $1,000 fine. A course B felony is punishable by approximately 25 years imprisonment.
Criminal possession that a weapon on institution grounds is a class E felony and also is punishable by as much as 4 years imprisonment.

Note: State legislations are constantly subject to change through the i of brand-new legislation, rulings in the higher courts (including federal decisions), ballot initiatives, and other means. While us strive to administer the most current information available, please consult an attorney or command your very own legal study to verify the state law(s) you space researching.

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