In a happy place. G-Eazy is feeling extremely positive nearly two years after his split from Halsey. The rapper, whose actual name is Gerald Earl Gillum, is in “a much much better headspace” 보다 he was during their relationship, a resource revealed solely to Us Weekly.

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“Their relationship was toxic, especially toward the end. Gerald has a much much more positive outlook top top life now and has to be healing with music,” the insider stated of the 31-year-old “No Limit” singer. “He has actually spent much of the pandemic in his house studio, whether he’s writing and also recording brand-new songs or just playing around and also experimenting. It’s been a real creative breakthrough.”

G-Eazy and Halsey, 25, an initial began dating throughout summer 2017. Although they briefly separation in July 2018, castle got ago together again for a couple of months prior to calling the quits for an excellent in October 2018.

However, G-Eazy quiet seemingly had his ex on his mind while do his last record. Everything’s Strange here was released on June 26 and the final track, “Had Enough,” appeared to referral her.

On the song, the sings about a “crazy-ass ex” who “would go on TV” and “go top top Ellen on me.” Later, he adds that his ex take it “no time” to move on: “You dragged my name, ns don’t to speak s–t / but let someone say ‘G-Eazy,’ you go apes–t.”

Shortly ~ his split from the “Without Me” singer, Halsey began dating Yungblood. She also has been open up up around her messy split from G-Eazy.

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“I to be doing Good Morning America and I’m in a blonde wig and white patent-leather outfit, twirling roughly while ns going through a heinous breakup,” the Grammy nominee told Cosmopolitan in October 2019. “I watch down and also there space these two girls, one v pink hair, one through blue hair, septum piercings, cool together f–k, still love me, probably understanding what a monster time i’m going through.”

She then added: “But hey, if the worst point that’s taken place to me so far is ns wore dumb clothes and dated a s–tty dude, i think ns doing all right.”

The “Bad at Love” songstress started dating Evan Peters in September 2019, but the pair faced split rumors in in march 2020 ~ she was spotted with Yungblud again. Meanwhile, G-Eazy has actually moved on v Ashley Benson.

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