Former “Bachelorette” lead Hannah Brown is acquisition the news that her brother Patrick Brown date her ex-fiancé Jed Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend Haley Stevens in stride.

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“About his love life — ns don’t choose who my brother loves and who he desires to be with,” Hannah, 27, told Us Weekly. “But ns love him and also want that to be happy.”

The “God Bless This Mess” author was briefly involved to Wyatt, 27, ~ she chose him as the Season 15 winner in 2019 — yet the engagement was simply the start of the couple’s drama.

The pair called off the engagement while her season to be airing after Wyatt was accused the still dating Stevens ~ above the show. The nation singer denied allegations, however Stevens mutual text messages claiming that Wyatt still love her. Both Hannah and also Stevens dubbed it quits with Wyatt.

Haley Stevens and Patrick Brown in ~ a concert.Instagram

Stevens has been attached to Hannah’s younger brothers Patrick, 24, since February as soon as she do their relationship Instagram official. The pair has since been open around their love because that one another.

“I certain love lovin’ you,” Stevens composed in an Instagram article from April.

Hannah additionally expressed just how proud she is the her brothers has readjusted his ways since his march 2020 overdose and rehab stay.

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Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt.ABC/Mark Bourdillon

“I love mine brother and I’m simply so thankful for every the changes that he’s made in his life,” she said. “Because that simply really impacted the means that our household dynamic is. Both the us have kind of gone on our own journey the healing.”

She added, “That’s yes, really cool and I’m yes, really proud that him because that that.”

Hannah herself has moved on from Wyatt and also has beendating Adam Woolard because that a year.