Heidi Klum is happy to share the fellowAmerica"s obtained Talentjudge Simon Cowell is speedily recovering after breaking his back from an electrical bicycle accident Saturday afternoon (Aug…


Heidi Klum and also Simon Cowell speak onstage during the "America"s obtained Talent" panel at the 2016 NBCUniversal Summer push Day at four Seasons Hotel Westlake village on April 1, 2016 in Westlake Village, Calif.Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Heidi Klum is happy to share that fellowAmerica’s acquired Talentjudge Simon Cowell is speedily recovering after break his earlier from an electric bicycle accident Saturday afternoon (Aug. 8).

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The 60-year-old TV personality underwent a five-hour surgery and also had a metal rod inserted the exact same evening ~ he to be test talk his brand-new electric bike in ~ his Malibu, Calif. Home.


In one interview withPeopletoday (Aug. 12), the supermodel mutual the latest upgrade on Cowell’s recovery. “We were told he currently got upout the the bed, which is simply incredible. Once we wake up up ~ above Sunday morning come the news, you think, ‘Oh my gosh, will certainly he ever walk again?"” she said.


Kelly Clarkson announced ~ above Monday (Aug. 10) that she was temporarily pour it until it is full in for her formerAmerican Idolpal because that Tuesday and also Wednesday’s telecasts. The singer also teased Cowell on Twitterlast night (Aug. 11), “Don’t rush back, I’m getting real comfortable in your chair. Ns look pretty great in it! I’m just kidding, obtain well.” yet according come Klum, that was alsoabsent native taping a few AGT episodes earlier this summer due to the fact that she was emotion sick, he could be coming earlier sooner than anyone expected.

“Who to know maybe following week he will certainly be sit there v us again, at the rate he’s going!” she said People. “I hope he does. Ns was like, ‘What rather is happening?’ Every morning you wake up up to one more crazy news and I hope this is it because that now. Have the right to we just turn the page and can life obtain better? We’re every hoping because that that.”

The Syco Entertainment record executive composed on Twitter about his broken earlier a work after the accident in addition to some hard advice for electrical trail cycle users however hasn’t personally shared any health to update since. However, he did applaud Clarkson because that her work-related stepping in because that him. “Thank you
kellyclarkson. Miss all of you. What a good Show. #AGT,” that tweeted adhering to Tuesday’s episode.

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It stays unclear whether Cowell will participate in the remainder of AGT’s season 15 production.