Hey now, hey now. Hilary and Haylie Duff"s partnership is what desires are make of.

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Hilary to be our ideal friend cultivation up, and she"s tho our best friend today. We grew up through her, she provided us the soundtrack come our childhood, and she ended up being even stronger as soon as she was v her twin-like sister, Haylie.

Before she to be a teenager idol and also an inspirational mother, she to be a sister. Transparent Hilary"s successful career, she"s always had the support of she older sister. Currently they"re mother together, raising their children to be just as close as they are. They even spent quarantine together.

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Here"s what our favourite sister"s connection is really like.

castle Collaborated A pair Of Times

Hilary has constantly looked approximately Haylie. As soon as she observed her sister rehearsing in 2001, boy name knew she wanted to become a singer as with her. So she signed a music contract with Radio Disney.

On she 2003 album, Metamorphosis, Hilary and Haylie had actually their an initial collaboration v the song, "Inner Strength." Hilary said that writing with Haylie was a "specific comfort place" throughout a time in she life once things had been transforming "so fast and also so quickly."

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When Hilary"s days as Lizzie Guire finished in 2004, that left the door open for she to explore what she wanted to carry out next. Right out the the door she gave us a film v Chad Michael Murray, A Cinderella Story, and also her second teamwork with her sister.

At the finish of the film, the sisters sing a covering of the Go-Gos song, "Our Lips space Sealed," and they make the music video too. It to be all we needed.

Then the sister went on tourism together, where they bonded even more, and also sometimes saw strange things happen on stage. "This little girl remained in the audience and also Haylie touched her hand. She had actually pulled hair out of her very own head, a whole substantial (lock) that her very own hair, and handed it to Haylie," Hilary called People.

Shortly after castle starred in the comedy, Material Girls in 2006. They finished up acquiring a common Razzie Award because that Worst Actress, yet we still love the sisters functioning together. Lock also collaborated on a covering of Madonna"s song "Material Girl" for the film"s soundtrack.

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"We’ve sort of been wait for the appropriate time to execute something together," Haylie said People about your film together. "Everyone sort of assumed it to be the organic thing for us to do. So, to gain to lastly do the is really cool. We’re excited, especially due to the fact that we acquire to store our wardrobe."

Around this time, Hilary revealed the her sister offered her inner strength when she was just gaining famous. "She’s really great at assessing people and giving me advice around that. I kind of got hit really difficult when civilization started knowing who ns was – civilization talking bad about me, and also this ingredient coming out around our family. And she was like, "Hilary, nothing let it obtain to you. You know, you’ve checked out it a million times with other people." She just constantly made me feeling really great about it."

They were never competitive v each various other either. "When we were auditioning and also stuff, we’d be like, "If i don’t gain it, ns hope you get it! Or if friend don’t get it, ns hope I gain it!" friend know? It was never ever before like (competition)," hilary said.

Through both your careers, they sustained each other and never shed their closeness.

They"re Neighbors

When hilary got engaged to Matthew Koma in 2019, Haylie revealed that their wedding would be traditional but she wasn"t going to be help her little sis arrangement because "we"re very different."

But in the end, Haylie was a part of the one-of-a-kind day and also confirmed come Us Weekly that her two daughters, Ryan, who was 4 at the time, and Lulu, who was 19 months, would certainly be part of the wedding. She claimed Hilary looked certain beautiful top top the day.

Haylie went on to say that her youngsters were yes, really close come Hilary"s 2 children, Luca, 7, and Banks, 15 months. Not just are lock cousins, but they"re also neighbors.

"They’re therefore close in age and we live under the street from every other, therefore they bond the means normal cousins bond," Haylie said. Lulu and also Banks space only 4 months apart from each other.

Despite having actually kids comparable in age, the sister don"t try to offer the various other advice ~ above parenting. "We try to hear to every other and be there because that each other," Haylie said People. "Everyone has so much advice all the time, so we really just shot to assistance each various other whenever us feel prefer venting or talking something out."

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"It’s really special; the nice because that them to have the ability to grow up together," she continued. "We had a small family farming up, so we’re excited that we’ve got 4 cousins nearby in period that can play together."

During quarantine, the two sisters would wave in ~ each other from over their gates. Haylie told Hollywood Life the she and Hilary"s family members were taking care of isolation pretty well.

"We have different human being that us see, so we’ve to be trying to be very careful about not co-mingling, just for the services of people that job-related in her home or people who work-related in mine home," Haylie said. "So, we view each various other from afar and wave outside at the pool."

One point that"ll never change is the sister"s legacy of coming together during the holidays. Boy name is very details about having actually turkey and also Haylie, who"s known for her great cooking skills, will make it for she every year. That"s great but once will castle go earlier on tourism together? We need to know.

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