As the travel market undergoes extraordinary changes, CHLA is working to certain you have actually the resources, information, and support friend need. This webpage will be updated through the most recent market updates and also COVID-19 details as it becomes available.

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We remain an extremely engaged in our advocacy efforts, an especially those which deal with the results of the coronavirus on your businesses. Us will continue to job-related with government officials to obtain fiscal and also regulatory relief because that the industry. To monitor our advocacy efforts, click here. 

If you room a human being experiencing homelessness and also are in search of housing, please call your neighborhood homeless services provider or outreach team. Friend can find information about source providers in your city by clicking here.  This site link provides contact info because that local homeless programs, several of which may have the ability to refer people to the appropriate services. You re welcome note, due to the fact that this is a county operation program, programs allowed to act as referrals to the State the California"s job Homekey program will vary significantly based ~ above the regional jurisdiction. For the most up to date information, please call your ar officials. 

Guidance because that Masks native CDPH

Under state guidance, hotel guests and also visitors are not required to undertake masks if individuals are fully vaccinated, and masks room only forced indoors because that unvaccinated guests and visitors (NOTE: numerous counties have actually updated their regional guidance come recommend all persons stay masks indoors, regardless of inoculation status, and also Los Angeles County needs indoor mask use). Under the state guidance, hotels and also businesses room expected to:

Provide signage – before entry – plainly explaining the mask guidance (unvaccinated people must stay a mask).Enforce authorized by the honor system – a self-attestation is sufficient. There space no needs for hotels to verify inoculation status.

Exceptions to mask demands include:

Persons younger than two years old.Persons v a clinical condition, a mental health condition or a impairment that prevents wearing a mask. This consists of individuals who room unable to remove a mask there is no assistance.Persons who are hearing-impaired or communicating with a hearing-impaired person, wherein the capability to check out the mouth is necessary for communication.

CHDP use of challenge Coverings fact Sheet (PDF)

See the California department of Public health and wellness (CDPH) complete updated Guidance for confront Coverings for full details.

CHLA members have the right to login to the Members Area that the website come download signage for usage at member properties.

Provide guidance to your Guests & Staff

Right click on the graphic and select "save photo as" to download a JPG variation of this graphic. This have the right to be supplied on websites and also in email confirmations.



State Guidance for Mega Events

Effective June 15th, hotels may return to normal operations, with an exemption for “Mega Events.”

A “Mega Event” is identified as occasions with more than 5,000 attendees (indoors) or 10,000 attendees (outdoors). Mega occasions may have actually either assigned or unassigned seating, and may it is in either general admission or gated, ticketed and permitted events. If an event does not accomplish either of this conditions, please defer come the CDPH mask guidance.

Major Differences in between Indoor and also Outdoor Mega occasions Standards



Vaccination / negative Test confirmation - Mandatory

Vaccination / negative Test confirmation – strong Advised

Attendees need to follow CDPH accuse for face Coverings

Event hosts must make masks easily accessible for every attendees and attendees must follow CDPH indict for challenge Coverings

Include notification of mandatory vaccination / an adverse test in every communications and signage

Include notice that the state strongly encourages vaccination / negative test in every communications and signage


For indoor Mega occasions (example: conventions/conferences/expos/sporting events and also concerts):

In addition to the basic public health recommendations:Verification of completely vaccinated status** or pre-entry negative test* result is required of all attendees.Guests have the right to self-attest (for themselves or your group) during registration or orally at the entranceNegative check Verification - Pre-entry negative testing have to be carried out within 72 hours prior to event begin time (both PCR and antigen are acceptable). The attendee must display screen a published or electronic document from the test provider or rap that consists of the person"s name, type of check performed, and an adverse test result.Vaccination confirmation – Valid inoculation verifications encompass :Vaccination cards (which encompass the name of human vaccinated, kind of vaccine provided and date last sheep administered), or;A photo of a inoculation card as a separate document OR a photograph of the attendee"s vaccine card stored ~ above a phone call or electronic device, or;Documentation of inoculation from a healthcare provider.Self-Attestation - Guests can self-attest (for themselves or their group) throughout registration or in ~ the entrance (oral and written attestations are permitted).Record Retention - event owners execute not have to retain proof of participants’ vaccination status or check results.Attendees who are not vaccinated have to wear confront coverings indoors.Information will certainly be prominently put on all communications, including the reservation and ticketing systems, to ensure guests are mindful of testing and also vaccination demands (including acceptable settings of verification).Attendees have to follow CDPH accuse for confront Coverings (see (a)(i)(3) above).

For the end Mega occasions (example: music or food festivals/car shows/large endurance events and marathons/parades/sporting events and also concerts):

In addition to the basic public wellness recommendations:Verification of completely vaccinated standing or pre-entry an adverse test result is strongly recommended for all attendees, however self-attestations are additionally permitted.Negative test Verification - Pre-entry an unfavorable testing should be performed within 72 hours before event start time (both PCR and also antigen space acceptable). The attendee must display screen a printed or electronic paper from the test provider or laboratory that includes the person"s name, kind of test performed, and negative test result.Vaccination verification – Valid vaccination verifications include :Vaccination cards (which incorporate the name of human being vaccinated, kind of vaccine listed and date last sheep administered), or;A picture of a vaccination card together a separate document OR a picture of the attendee"s vaccine map stored ~ above a call or digital device, or;Documentation of vaccination from a healthcare provider.Self-Attestation - Guests have the right to self-attest (for themselves or your group) throughout registration or in ~ the enntrance gate (oral and also written attestations are permitted).Record Retention - occasion owners perform not must retain proof of participants’ vaccination status or test results.Attendees need to follow CDPH accuse for face Coverings / attendees who carry out not verify vaccination status have to be asked come wear challenge coverings.Information need to be prominently put on all communications, consisting of the reservation and also ticketing systems, to ensure guests are aware that the State strong recommends that castle be totally vaccinated, achieve a an adverse COVID-19 test prior to attending the event, or stay a face covering. Venues are compelled to make accessible masks for all attendees.

Additional recommendations for sponsors that Mega Events:

Encourage everyone to gain vaccinated once eligible.Convey the danger of attending huge crowded occasions where the vaccine status of rather in attendance may be unknown to the individuals. Convey the risk of attending large crowded events for populaces that might not currently be eligible for vaccination, or might be immunocompromised and also whose vaccine protection may be incomplete.Encourage all venues along any parade or event route to provide outdoor spaces for eating/drinking/congregating to minimize the hazard of infection in indoor settings.

The requirements and recommendations for an adverse testings / vaccine confirmation will it is in in location effective June 15, 2021 v October 1, 2021. The state will assess problems by September 1, 2021, to recognize whether updated needs or references are needed beyond October 1, 2021.

In setups where masks are compelled only because that unvaccinated individuals, businesses, venue operators or master may select to:Provide information to all patrons, guests and also attendees about vaccination requirements and allow vaccinated people to self-attest the they are in compliance before entry.Implement vaccine verification to determine whether people are compelled to stay a mask. Need all patrons come wear masks.No person deserve to be prevented indigenous wearing a mask together a condition of participation in an task or entry right into a business.Clean + safe Guidance for Meetings + Events

In enhancement to guestrooms, hotel and also lodging properties provide conference rooms, event space, and food & beverage for all species of ‘group’ customers, such as corporations, associations, religious groups, private entities, charities, and others. 

It’s necessary to institute ideal guidelines in order come reestablish meetings and also events in California hotel and also lodging properties. Together this segment of hotel company requires unique cleaning and also safety protocols, the California Hotel & Lodging Association is providing this meeting and event guidance for the safety and security of the meeting/event attendees and also employees, as well together guests and others.

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Please note these guidelines room in enhancement to CHLA’s COVID-19 Clean + safe Guidelines because that individual travel and also the California windy of Health and also Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Hotels, Lodging, and also Short-Term Rentals.