Jaime King (Right) common an Insta article to wish Joey King (Left) on her 19th birthday (Photo: Instagram/jaime_king)

Do actresses Jaime King and Joey King share a relation? Joey and Jaime have the very same last name, which always seems come spark questions around their relationship. Some even wonder if Jaime King is Joey king mother. We’ve gained the truth about Joey King’s connection to Jaime King, appropriate here. 

Many Hollywood celebrities share the exact same last name, also if lock share nothing else. For example, Kristen Stewart and also Martha Stewart, Audrey Hepburn and also Katharine Hepburn, Denzel Washington and Kerry Washington.

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However, once some view a typical last name, they instantly assume that there should be some type of relationship. It wake up to actresses Jaime King and also Joey King every the time.


Are Joey and Jaime Related?

Joey King, that is known for her duty as Elle Evans in The Kissing Booth, recently commemorated her 19th birthday. Tons of celebrities and also fans wished her well on her birthday, choose Jaime King.

Last year, actress Jaime King took to Twitter to great Joey King a happy birthday and also wrote:


Photo: Twitter/JoeyKing

This year, Jaime King again required to Instagram and wished she “little sister” a very happy birthday.

In the caption, she wrote, “To my little sister. Ns love you SO damn MUCH! Should have posted the dumb pap shots the me knocked increase in overalls through you looking supervisor cute yet your makeup looks dope in this one. Always. Happy Birthday!!


Naturally, this post sparked also more rumors that Joey is Jaime’s sister! People began a long list of inquiries in the comments section, asking if lock were actually sisters.

Jaime and Joey King room very an excellent friends and have regularly been spotted security time together. Joey considers her together a fashion idol and also a “big sis,” however the fact is the they are not related by blood.

In one interview, when she to be asked what she likes around Jaime, Joey revealed, “Oh my god. Literally, she closet is the biggest thing in the world. A lot of of civilization think we’re associated too. We’re in reality not. Yet we want to be.”


She added, “We went out to breakfast or having lunch one time and also I had actually on this prefer vintage dress. It to be fine. She had actually these Chanel overalls on. Ns like, ‘Dude. Kill me. Obtain out the that. Ns look stupid alongside you.’ She was like, ‘What?’ and she had actually her cute little baby bump. I was like, ‘Stop. Looking so cute every the time!’”

So again, even though these two make the seem that way sometimes, Jaime and also Joey King have no relationship to every other. They are two actresses that share nothing however love because that one another.

Not just is Jaime King one actress, but she’s also a model. She started modeling at the age of 14 and has been featured in number of magazines such together Vogue, Mademoiselle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

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Her acting credits include Pearl Harbor, Sin City, My Bloody Valentine 3D, and also Star Wars: The Clone Wars. 

She is married to Fanboys manager Kyle Newman and the pair has 2 sons together. Jaime King’s youngsters are named Leo Thames Newman and James article Newman.