Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have always kept their friendship in ~ the head of your relationship. Since their 2014 divorce, they’ve continued to be in each other’s resides to co-parent your twins Emme and Max. Recently, J.Lo and Ben Affleck hinted that “Bennifer” is making a comeback in 2021. Here’s exactly how Anthony reportedly feels about the couple’s rekindled romance. 

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Jennifer Lopez and also Ben Affleck | kris Weeks/FilmMagic

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Lopez and also Affleck’s romance first began in the beforehand 2000s. In 2002, the pair associated while shooting Gigli together. Shortly after they met, J.Lo divorced her 2nd husband, Cris Judd. Through Nov. 2002, Bennifer ended up being engaged. However, as result of the public scrutiny throughout your relationship, the pair decided to end their engagement and officially damaged up in in march 2004.

According to Vulture, Lopez married Anthony in June 2004, three months after her separation from Affleck. The pair continued to be together for 10 years and had your twins in Feb. 2008. In 2014, however, they chose to finish their relationship and also moved on to various other romances. 

Following she divorce, Lopez started dating Alex Rodriguez. In 2019, the pair became engaged while on vacation. Unfortunately, J.Lo and A.Rod decided to separation up in April 2021. Because the breakup, she been viewed out with Affleck because that the an initial time in 17 years. Return the reunion could leave J.Lo’s ex-husband upset, HollywoodLife reported the Anthony proceeds to stand by his ex-wife’s side. 

“They’re still very close; he’s one of her greatest cheerleaders,” a source shared. “All he wants is for her to be happy, and if Ben makes her happy, then he’s all for it.”

Why Marc Anthony doesn’t feel endangered by Bennifer

Anthony and also Lopez always put your friendship before anything else during their relationship. As they’ve transitioned into exes, they continue to be close, also when lock dating other people. According to Hollywood Life’s source, Anthony trusted Lopez’s judgment regarding her and Rodriguez. Now that she’s probably canoodling v Affleck again, Anthony feeling confident the his ex will continue prioritizing their kids while also living her life. 

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“His partnership with Jennifer has developed into a an extremely supportive friendship,” the insider added. “He has been over there for her 100% since her separation with Alex Rodriguez, and also that will continue no issue who she dates.”

“Marc trusts Jennifer that she is do the ideal decisions in her relationship life since when it involves their kids and their kids’ well-being, that is something the Jen no play roughly with,” lock continued.

How Alex Rodriguez feels about Jennifer Lopez and also Ben Affleck

Although among J.Lo’s exes doesn’t mind she alleged fling v Affleck, her many recent old fire doesn’t re-publishing Anthony’s hopeful feelings. A source reportedly said HL that Rodriguez tries come avoid any Bennifer news as lot as possible. Allegedly, the former athlete remains concentrated on work and also doesn’t desire to think about his ex. 

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“He is well aware of all the happenings with her and also Ben, yet he is make the efforts to remain away from that as lot as possible,” the resource said the A.Rod. “He doesn’t want to fall down a hare hole and feel bad over other he deserve to no much longer control.”

Rodriguez’s team did not return a inquiry for comment about the potential cancellation by the time of publication.