It seems favor Jessica Biel and also Justin Timberlake have been with each other forever — and by Hollywood standards, they kind of have actually been. They started dating in January 2007 (via HuffPost), got engaged in December 2011, and married in Italy on October 19, 2012. Thirteen years is forever once you space a celebrity couple.

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The Timberlakes welcomed their boy Silas in 2015 and also Lance Bass, Timberlake"s NSYNC bandmate, damaged the news the the couple had a second son, Phineas, in 2020, every Entertainment Weekly. Base revealed that all of the NSYNC members knew around Biel"s secret pregnancy prior to the remainder of the world. He likewise said, "The infant is cute that course, it"s Justin and also Jessica!"

Biel, Timberlake, and also their boy are just like any kind of young family — they just have actually fame and money on top of it. That course, both had relationships prior to they discovered love through each other and also Biel came an extremely close to marrying one of her exes. Keep analysis to uncover out i m sorry celebrity Jessica Biel practically married prior to Justin Timberlake.

Back in the early 2000s, Jessica Biel was still certification as mar Camden on the CW"s long-running family members drama "7th Heaven." She was already an created actor at 19 years old in 2001 as soon as she met a Hollywood newcomer named Chris Evans. The future Captain America had just arrived in Los Angeles a year prior, every The Hollywood Reporter, and also starred in "Not an additional Teen Movie" in 2001, every IMDb.

Biel and also Evans began dating in 2001 and, because that the following several years, the two gushed about each various other to the press. In a 2005 interview through Cosmopolitan, Biel revealed the sweet and romantic point Evans walk for her 21st birthday. She said, "I in reality awoke to discover my bed extended in rose petals. In the center of the night, he had pulled personal at the very least 24 roses in all different colors and sprinkled the petals everywhere. He"s definitely a keeper."

Biel additionally revealed come Cosmo the she chosen doing sweet things for him, saying, "I cook for Chris when he"s functioning hard. Once he come home, I"ll have dinner ready. It"s old-fashioned and fun, and also I feel type of homemakery (sic) and great doing it."

Jessica Biel and also Chris Evans date for five years, from 2001 come 2006, and also benefitted from both no being massive stars however in the era prior to Facebook, Twitter, and also Instagram take it over. That"s why Biel"s old interviews around Evans come throughout so sweet — us didn"t check out it all play the end in the press.

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In the 2005 Cosmopolitan interview, Biel was asked if she and Evans had ever before talked around getting married. She replied, "We constantly talk around it. Us both desire to it is in married, and also we both want to have children. However we"re no engaged, so the rumors space false... Therefore far."

Biel and also Evans broke up in 2006 (per Esquire) and less than one year later, Biel started dating Justin Timberlake, therefore everything resolved as it should. Evans, top top the other hand, is still single and trying to find his happily ever after.