The Office: 12 points To Know about John Krasinski and also Jenna Fischer’s partnership Did john Krasinski and also Jenna Fischer date? Jim and Pam may have hit it turn off on screen, but the story behind their story is even much more interesting.

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Three next by side images of man Krasinski and Jenna Fischer indigenous The Office
For ripe seasons, Jenna Fischer and also John Krasinski played everyone"s favorite pair on The Office, Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert. The two characters were smitten native the start however had some roadblocks along the way before detect everlasting happiness.

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Outside of The Office fandom, Jenna Fischer and also John Krasinski space happily married to different spouses and also have family members of your own. They continued with your acting careers yet have sustained each various other along the way. With The Office fandom cultivation with streaming, Fischer and Krasinski still worship each other for the occupational they walk together and continue to carry out so with new projects.

Updated ~ above December 3rd, 2021, by Lynn Gibbs: After binging The Office for the first time, fans who dropped in love v Jim and also Pam had to understand one thing: Did john Krasinski and Jenna Fischer day in genuine life? In actuality, the pair never ever dated off-screen but their friendship, trust, and bond through each other were shown through your characters. Man Krasinski and Jenna Fischer will forever be connected because the The Office and they proceed to support and also commend each various other today. 

John wants To spend All "His Time" through Jenna

Pam and Jim sit outside happily ~ above The Office
Jim was recognized for his romantic estimates towards Pam. The had been in love with her from the start and also the stars every aligned when they ultimately started dating.

The girlfriend aren"t date in genuine life however they do enjoy spending time together. Follow to ET Canada, when john Krasinski was asked if how his friendship through Jenna Fischer was currently that they weren"t top top the show, and if he"d ever work v her again, man said, "I would certainly love to job-related on anything v Jenna. She is the absolute biggest actress. But also much more than that, she’s the most amazing person… for this reason I would love to spend all my time through her if ns could.”

And the Begged The writers To Skip One Controversial Storyline To save Jim & Pam

Every fan has actually their favorite storyline on The Office, but Pam"s weird friendship with Brian in season 9 wasn"t one of them. No one wanted to check out Pam flirt with one more man. Interesting way enough, there was an additional storyline that virtually happened that fans would have hated more than the Brian + Pam one.

According to Deseret News, the writers said that Jim cheated on Pam v Cathy in season 8 if Pam was away for maternity leave. This would typical that all of Pam"s worries before maternity leave were valid. John said it was the one time he refuse to film. “That’s the only time ns remember placing my foot down … i remember saying things that I never ever thought I’d to speak before, like, ‘I’m not going to shoot it."" Thankfully, John"s dedication to his character"s relationship, and his friendship through Fischer, saved the storyline.

They Knew right Away that They had actually A Connection

The reason why Jim and Pam functioned so fine as characters is since of their chemistry. Both actors looked favor they to be genuinely attracted to each other and created memorable Jim and also Pam moments. Fischer and Krasinski agreed the their chemistry to be kismet.

According to Nicki Swift, throughout an illustration of The Office Ladies, Fischer stated this about meeting Krasinski during the auditioning process. "What if you walked into a room and music started playing and you and also another human just began dancing in unison also though you"d never met? That"s what that was prefer auditioning through you." Beautifully, Krasinski agreed.

Jenna thought They really Were Jim & Pam IRL

In what has to be one of the more controversial comments in Fischer"s career, she told Andy Cohen on Watch What wake up Live that she and Krasinski were "genuinely in love v each other." She said, “There’s choose a real component of me the is Pam and a real part of him that’s Jim." Jim and Pam"s partnership was idealized to an extent yet Fischer claimed there was an ext to it.

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Office fans begin to buzz around the comments and also Fischer clarified “In actual life, us aren’t completely Pam and totally Jim. Therefore in genuine life, we’re not prefer the perfect match." yet after being TV spouses for so plenty of years, they"re always going to have a soft spot because that each other.

But john Knew your Love for Each other Was because that Show

After Fischer said that she and also John were "genuinely in love" when on the show, fans to be hoping because that some sort of revelation native the two. Were they more than just friends who acted as The Office"s favorite couple?

However, Krasinski clarified Fischer"s comments, saying the her words to be "wildly misquoted or taken out of context." He ongoing telling The day-to-day Beast, “I’m certain she was trying come say miscellaneous nice around how genuine the acting partnership was, of happen a connection that ended up being that well-known onscreen."

The girlfriend Disagree about Their Characters" very first Kiss

Technically, Jim and Pam"s very first kiss to be at the show"s an initial Dundies. Pam acquired into an debate with Roy and had one too plenty of drinks. After ~ winning an award for the whitest sneakers she ran ago into Jim"s arms and also accidentally kissed that while hugging.

However, their first actual kiss was in "Casino Night" after ~ Jim tells her he loved her. Funny enough, follow to The Insider, the actors disagree about their characters" an initial kiss. If on The Office Ladies podcast, the cast said "The Dundies" to be Jim and also Pam"s very first kiss however Jenna insisted that "Casino Night" was.

Throughout The Office, plenty of Jim"s pranks worked. His key target to be Dwight but he threw in pranks here and also there when he can with assorted co-workers. As it turns out, Krasinski was likewise a huge prankster.

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In the episode whereby Jim and also Pam spend the night at Schrute Farms, Fisher said that she and John had actually to execute a pair of takes of castle driving in the auto on the means up to the farm. According to Vulture, Fisher said, "I"m like, "Oh mine god, it"s so hot," and we had actually to turn off the AC because that sound and also you"re like, "Yeah, ns don"t know, I"m okay. But you"re hot, huh?"" after ~ 15 minutes, Fischer realized Krasinki placed on her seat warmer.

The Office ended in 2013 after ~ nine exceptional seasons top top NBC. Thanks to virtual streaming, the show is do a comeback v the younger generations. Yet now that it"s been seven years due to the fact that the present ended, perform Krasinski and Fischer ever see each various other these days? after ~ all, Jim and also Pam did sweet things for each other on-screen, what about off-screen?

According to Glamour, Krasinski said “I watch Jenna every the time. I love her husband, Lee , and also their children are amazing, for this reason we acquire together a bunch." through both actors having actually two kids each, these two families are a happy bunch.

They assistance Each Other"s occupational When castle Can

After The Office wrapped up, Krasinski and also Fischer dove into other projects. Krasinski"s career take it off and he started dabbling in directing together well. V both actors relocating on in life, it"s sweet to know that lock still assistance each other. Well, sort of...

Fischer provided that she and also her husband were going to check out Krasinski"s A Quiet Place but she chickened out. According to People, Jenna said "I favor scary movies, yet this is for this reason weird. Ns was afraid to check out John and also Emily in peril due to the fact that they room my genuine friends." angry versa, as soon as Fischer was in the play Reasons To it is in Happy, Krasinski and his mam Emily dull were checked out in the audience, according to The everyday Mail.

They"re Diehards For their Cities

John Krasinski to be born in increased in Boston vice versa, Jenna Fischer was increased in St. Louis. Their devotion to their cities concerned a head once the St. Louis Blues were play the Boston Bruins in the 2019 Stanely Cup Playoffs, according to E! News. 

Both gibbs were viewed at the games cheering on their teams. They even shared some smack speak online! Funny enough, the one person Pam virtually ended up with, Roy, is friends through Krasinski in genuine life. David Denman likewise enjoyed the video game with Krasinski.

She Gloated about John In her Book

In 2017, Fischer released her book The Actor"s Life: A survival Guide, which comprehensive her very own experiences as an actress ~ above the rise. She dishes the end what other actors should do to different themselves from the fill by detailing her very own ups and downs in the industry.

In the book, Fischer also talks about her audition for The Office when she met John. Follow to Cosmopolitan, she wrote, “John and I were walking the end of an audition scene, and also he unexpectedly turned to me and whispered, ‘You’re my favourite Pam. Ns hope you gain this job."” Even an ext adorable than Pam and also Jim"s cutest moments, Fischer agreed and also hoped he"d get the role of Jim. That tiny moment was something the real Jim and also Pam would have actually done on-screen.

Although Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski never experienced romantic together, they fell in love v different civilization at the exact same time. Fischer met gibbs Lee Kirk in 2008 while Krasinski met Emily Blunt through a friend at the same time.

Even more ironic, castle both got married in July of 2010. Jenna Fischer’s husband and also she remained in California for their nuptials when Krasinski and also Emily got married at George Clooney"s Lake Como home in Itlay.

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