Over the past couple of weeks as Josh Duggar’s name has been almost everywhere the headlines as result of child pornography charges, his wife Anna has stood by him through the tumult. It’s the Duggar method to stick v husbands v thick and thin many thanks to their religious beliefs, which renders the news that Jessica Seewald and also Dwight Phillips Lester are getting a divorce all the much more shocking.

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News damaged this week that Jessica Seewald and her husband are splitting up after just two year of marriage. The pair originally wed in 2019 in a might ceremony v a dress hunting that to be chronicled on Say Yes come The Dress.

Jessica Seewald, no to be perplexed with Jessa Seewald, is the sister the Jessa’s husband, Ben. She apparently has had actually a bit of a rocky relationship with Jessa over the years, dating earlier to at least when she was trying ~ above wedding dresses, some of which Jessa uncovered to be “a little low.” There to be tension once Jessica was looking at a dress that really didn’t align v the Duggar way of modestly dressing -- in reality Jessa just recently got into wearing pants at home -- i m sorry led Jessica come say at the time:

I think us may have some slightly various convictions as far as what women must wear and what castle shouldn"t wear.

Jessica Seewald has constantly done points a tiny differently than her clan and her in-laws’ clan. She holds down a project as a police officer and has been unafraid to try brand-new fashion looks (even once they room low-cut). She additionally frequently share those looks to her personal Instagram, including looks through shorts, a large no-no in the civilization of Counting On. That Instagram account additionally recently changed its handle earlier to Jessica’s maiden name.

Without A Crystal round was the very first to keep in mind the news of the divorce, through The sunlight confirming the Jessica Seewald had, in fact, filed because that divorce on may 21. Jessa Duggar Seewald and Ben Seewald have actually not commented about the divorce (though they did officially talk about the mock Duggar news a few weeks ago). The news was standing out because it is rarely for those through such fervent spiritual beliefs such as the Duggars and also Seewalds need to break the "covenant v God" that marriage is seen as. Also Anna Duggar, who is right now pregnant with her saturday child, has stood by mockery Duggar through multiple scandals, consisting of child molestation report reveals, the recent child pornography charges and also the eldest Duggar son spending time ~ above a cheating website called Ashley Madison.

While every one of this has gone on over the past couple of weeks, the Seewalds have spent a many time together, choose strawberries and celebrating dad Ben’s birthday through a sweet recommitment to family post. Still, in ~ some suggest it"s likely these family problems will at the very least need come be touch on on TLC or elsewhere and also we"ll store you updated every step of the way.


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