Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are known for your TLC shows, 19 kids & count and Counting On, which have recorded their stays with their big family. Thanks to TLC, fans have had an chance to obtain a look within the family’s lives. Fans were sad to find out that Counting On was canceled by TLC adhering to Josh Duggar’s arrest in April.

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Because castle didn’t become famous till they already had a huge family, pan didn’t have actually the opportunity to learn about Jim Bob and Michelle’s early on life together. Yet the couple did share your story on your family’s blog. Recently, the blog resurfaced, sharing part details around the couple’s relationship and also wedding. One part of this blog write-up especially shocks readers, however.

In a blog post, the pair defines their wedding day, writing:

“Our wedding to be sweet and simple, and also we did most of the preparation and decoration ourselves. We got married in ours church wherein our pastor officiated ours ceremony. At the time, our church to be still being constructed so us were conference in a large gymnasium for services. Us actually obtained married in the hallway of the building—we had set up urgent chairs to use as pews! and also we go the specific same thing once we renewed our vows 25 years later. I wanted to do as much as I might myself as a means to conserve money and also keep the prices reasonable. An additional special touch to be wearing Jim Bob’s mother’s wedding dress as my dress! whatever we did because that our wedding was so inexpensive, yet perfect because that us. We want to spend our money on ours honeymoon!”

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How old to be Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar as soon as they gained married?

Also in the blog post, the pair reveals, “We to be married ~ above July 21, 1984, three months after my (Michelle’s) high school graduation and three job after Jim Bob’s nineteenth birthday. Ns would revolve eighteen the September.”

So, as soon as they gained married, Michelle was technically underage.

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Top top Reddit, Duggar Snarks space talking about this, and they think the means the write-up was composed is an effort to hide the detail. One user writes, “Michelle really, yes, really doesn’t desire to say that she to be 17 (legally a child) as soon as she married Boob.” an additional user chimes in and also calls it “sad” and “disturbing.”

So, did you know exactly how young Jim Bob and also Michelle Duggar were as soon as they gained married? Or did you think they to be older? go this surprise you? permit us understand your think in the comments below.