George LindseyVeteran personality actor and north Alabama aboriginal George lindsay (1928-2012) achieved his many lasting fame playing the personality of Goober Pyle ~ above television"s The Andy Griffith Show. In addition to that role, lindsay performed ~ above the stage and also screen and lent his distinctive voice to many cartoon and animated movie characters. Although the left Alabama ~ college, lindsay remained energetic in charitable and cultural events in the state transparent his life, including establishing the George Lindsey scholastic Scholarships at his alma mater, the university of phibìc Alabama. In evaluation of his life and also work, the university hosts the annual George lindsay UNA movie Festival every spring.
Lindsey to be born in the midst of the good Depression top top December 17, 1928, in Fairfield, Jefferson County, come George Ross and also Alice blacksmith Lindsey. His dad had challenge in keeping a job, and his mommy suffered native the bone condition osteomyelitis. When George, an just child, to be an infant, the household moved to Jasper, walker County, whereby he was raised largely by his grandparents. As a boy, Lindsey shown a keen feeling of humor and comedic timing, and also he spent countless afternoons watching films in his local theater. He an initial became interested in acting after see the music Oklahoma! in Birmingham at age 14. Lindsey additionally excelled in ~ football throughout high school. ~ above graduating, he gotten in Walker small College in Jasper, transferred to Kemper military School in Boonville, Missouri, and finally transferred to Florence State Teachers college (now the college of phibìc Alabama) after ~ winning a football scholarship to play quarterback because that the school"s Lions. Lindsey additionally began participating in the school"s theater productions, deepening his interest in acting.

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George lindsey Film Festival PosterAfter graduating in 1952 v a bachelor"s level in secondary education and also physical education, lindsey enlisted in the waiting Force and was stationed in Orlando, Florida, together a recreation director in ~ Pinecastle Air force Base. If there, lindsay produced variety shows, performed stand-up comedy, and acted in regional theater. He likewise met his future wife, Joyanne Herbert, in Orlando; lock would have actually two children. Lindsay was discharged in 1956, and the couple returned to Alabama, whereby Lindsey take it a position as a teacher and basketball coach in ~ Hazel green High School exterior Huntsville. In the so late 1950s, Lindsey and his wife moved to brand-new York City. There, lindsay enrolled in exhilaration classes in ~ the American theatre Wing and studied under legend actress and also teacher Helen Hayes.
In enhancement to acting, Lindsey sought training in voice and also speech, ballet, and other tasks relating come the dramatic arts. He was so successful in his studies and classwork that he earn the lead role in the finishing play that the program. After ~ graduation, lindsey landed small parts in neighborhood theaters and performed in comedy clubs and dinner theaters. His career began to take it off once he won significant roles in the off-Broadway musicals All-American and Wonderful Town. Lindsey remained on with the touring company of the latter production, and also when the closed in san Francisco in 1962, he decided to walk to Los Angeles to seek roles in television.
After signing through the powerful William Morris Agency, Lindsey showed up in small parts on several television shows, including The Rifleman and also the Twilight Zone, and also he showed up in the movie Ensign Pulver in 1964. That same year, he won the role of Goober Pyle ~ above The Andy Griffith Show. Despite his previous initiatives to enhance his voice and also lose his southern accent, lindsay ironically took on the persona of one uneducated "yokel," a role that would define much the his film and also television work for the remainder the his expert career. Lindsey had actually originally tried the end for the component of Gomer Pyle, which go to fellow Alabamian Jim Nabors, and also Lindsey"s personality was created in three years ~ the display premiered as Gomer"s cousin. Goober came to be a well-known character on the show, and Lindsey attractive attention and appreciation indigenous fans earlier in Alabama by pointing out people and also places native his home state on the show.

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After a effective eight-year run, The Andy Griffith Show was cancelled in 1968. Plenty of of the actors connected with the show, including Lindsey, simply moved their characters to a new series, Mayberry R.F.D., i m sorry starred Ken Berry in the command role. The series ran for three years, and also Goober Pyle remained a main figure in Mayberry"s civic and also social life. His popularity assisted Lindsey continue his career after the series was cancelled in 1971. That very same year, he recorded a comedy album entitled Goober Sings! The recording lugged him come the fist of the producer of the hit country-themed variety show Hee Haw, wherein Lindsey would spend the next two decades as a cast member.
George Lindsey, 1973In enhancement to his tv work, lindsey lent his voice to a number of animated Disney characters, many notably in The Aristocats (1970), Robin Hood (1973), and The Rescuers (1977), which additionally featured personalities voiced by fellow Alabamian play Buttram. He also played guest roles on such series as M*A*S*H and Banacek and also appeared in the movies Take This Job and Shove It (1981) and also The Cannonball operation II (1984), among others.
back Lindsey resided in the Nashville area for many of his life, he preserved close ties come his north Alabama home. A strong supporter of the unique Olympics, Lindsey helped raise more than $1 million for the program in Alabama with the George lindsay Celebrity Weekend and also Golf Tournament, established in 1971. The occasion was held annually for 17 year in Montgomery and raised $50,000 because that the Alabama association of Retarded citizen (now the Arc that Alabama). Constantly interested in sustaining the arts, Lindsey aided to develop what was originally known together the George Lindsey/University of north Alabama Television and also Film Festival in 1998. Events throughout the weeklong festival incorporate screenings, dashboard sessions with sector professionals, and also competitions for such categories as experienced feature documentaries, feature screenplay, and also young filmmaker.
Lindsey earn a variety of awards for his success and philanthropy over the years. He to be inducted right into the Alabama sports Hall of fame in 1983 and in 1995 obtained the Governor"s accomplishment Award from the Alabama Music room of Fame. The state of Alabama called a section of Birmingham"s Highway 78 as the "George lindsay Highway." He was the 2007 receiver of the an initial ICON Award presented by the Nashville Associations that Talent Directors. Lindsey passed away on may 6, 2012, in Nashville.