These days, there’s a Real Housewives collection being filmed in so plenty of different cities about the country it’s tough to also keep them all straight. Brand-new Jersey, Orange County, Atlanta, Potomac, and Dallas are simply a couple of of the many. Over there have likewise been some cities that obtained the pillar when it involved multiple seasons, favor The actual Housewives that D.C. and The actual Housewives the Miami.

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For some reason, The actual Housewives of Miami series kind of went kaput after just three seasons. The genuine Housewives of Miami was unjustly canceled and also really did have actually some great characters and also women who carried the drama. One of those ladies being model and bombshell, Joanna Krupa. Many of she storyline focused roughly her not-so-perfect connection with her boyfriend, Romain Zago. Because the present ended, go the two job-related out and remain together? their actual story is quite interesting.

The Real Housewives the Miami star married nightclub owner and businessman Romain Zago “in a million disagreement princess wedding," she rep told Us Weekly exclusively. The ceremony took location in southerly California an ext than three years after ~ the pair got engaged.

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Several of Joanna's previous co-stars attended the event, i m sorry was videotaped for the 3rd season that Bravo's The genuine Housewives the Miami

Joanna and Romain finalized your divorce in august of 2019. After the divorce, she opened up about how heart-wrenching the experience was because that her. 


She said Daily Mail the she cried for weeks once her ex-husband asked because that a divorce after ~ 10 years of gift together. But after recovering from heartbreak, the Real Housewives star said she feels more powerful than ever. 


She continued, “You gotta store going, girlfriend can't hide under a ceiling or underneath her bed and just it is in like, ‘I provide up ~ above everything.’ You simply gotta store going.”

Joanna discovered love again with husband Douglas Nunes following her divorce from Romain, and together, they had a beautiful infant girl named Asha-Leigh Nunes. She gushed to Bravo’s The everyday Dish about just how amazing motherhood has been and how much she loves she daughter. She explained, “She's the love of my life. Most likely the biggest success I would certainly say, till today, is having actually my little daughter.”


Romain has also moved on from his connection with Joanna and also married his girlfriend, Carolina Delgado, in February 2020. 


He gushed over his bride-to-be on Instagram when they announced your engagement and said, “SHE claimed YES!!! just over a year ago, Carolina...asked me if Mynt was open up on a Thursday evening....Had I known she to be gonna come so beautiful, irresistible & charming, ready to hunting me prefer a Trophy, ready to do me happy, all set to send me 180 roses after ~ our very first week together; ns would have probably to be so worried that ns would have actually f**ed every little thing up ."

He continued to express his love for his new wife and his feelings about moving on indigenous his very first marriage and said, “...I didn’t also know i was ready to settle down again and there ns was... Smiling favor a 12 y/o.”

Safe to say that also though Joanna and Romain didn’t finish up together in the end, both of them have moved on and also are happier 보다 ever.

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