With all the splits continue in Bachelor Nation, it’s good to check out JoJo Fletcher and she fiancé, Jordan Rodgers, are still going solid after meeting on The Bachelorette in 2016.

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The previous football player even re-proposed come the Texas native (with a glitzier ring) on respectable 25, 2019, and also they to be buckling under on wedding planning before the coronavirus pandemic endangered their summer 2020 plans.

The reality duo exclusively revealed to Life & Style the they were hoping to walk under the aisle in California during “spring or summer” that 2020. “I love the weather in California. Therefore I recognize that we want an outdoor wedding. His brothers just acquired married and it rained on their wedding day, so they had actually to move it inside. However a many our friends are in California. Ns actually have a many family also in California, for this reason it just seemed like the perfect place,” JoJo defined at the time.

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Fans to be concerned around their connection status ago in 2017 as soon as the couple briefly unfollowed each other on social media. JoJo and also Jordan quickly included each various other again top top Instagram and also Twitter but not before an eagle-eyed Reddit user noticed the cryptic move. Since then, the former leading lady hasn’t to be shy about their ups and also downs v their time together.

years back we got engaged in a way that some, if not all, would say is crazy and also totally unconventional. , they to be right. It was,” the Bach babe captioned an adorable photo of the two cuddled increase after he obtained down on one knee because that the second time. “But it to be also very real. We took a leap of faith that day and hoped/prayed things would occupational out how we want them to. Times were not constantly easy … they in reality got an extremely very hard early on, however we grounding by each other and worked every day towards our relationship.”

Like any kind of relationship, JoJo and Jordan proficient a few lows, yet they’ve also had rather a bit of highs. Scroll v the gallery below for your cutest moments!


Bored in the House

“Before us were all bored in the house, in the residence bored … We gained to movie tonight’s episode of Listen to her Heart!” Jo captioned this shoot on April 28, referring to The Bachelor spinoff. “AND IT was AWESOME. And also I miss out on PEOPLE and also LIVE MUSIC and also HUGS and also EVERYTHING.”