If girlfriend recognise Luke and Josh Packham ~ above this year"s season of The Block, we have a nice idea why. The twins not just starred ~ above season two of Love Island Australia, but Josh also won v co-star and also girlfriend Anna McEvoy.

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though both gone into the villa as intruders, they were the drama-free favourites and ultimately win runners-up Cartier Surjan and also Matthew Zukowski for the cash prize.

"Obviously, Josh and also I really didn"t think we had any chance the winning due to the fact that we weren"t in the initial cast and also normally the winners are an original cast member. So once our surname were dubbed out we were favor "Oh mine god! What"s happened?"" Anna explained to Now to Love after your win.

Following their truth TV adventure, the couple seemed to walk from stamin to strength and even relocated in with each other in Melbourne.

However when the Victorian funding was plunged into lockdown again and also again it took a toll. 

Despite what appeared to it is in a rock-solid romance, Anna and Josh dubbed it quits after ~ a year in November 2020.

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“It is with good sadness that Josh and also I space going our separate ways,” Anna post on Instagram in ~ the time.

“I understand that so numerous of you room invested in our relationship yet please recognize we did every little thing we can to do it work.

“It’s extremely difficult to break up with someone that you still love however it is the ideal thing to do. Please respect our privacy and thank you for the recurring love and also support.”

Josh mutual his own Instagram Story about the rest up, writing: “We have had actually an remarkable journey however unfortunately periodically relationships don’t job-related out and also two world simply thrive apart.”

“I am extremely grateful for the moment we have actually shared.”


Anna and Josh relocated in with each other in Melbourne but admitted lockdown was difficult on their relationship.


These days, Josh shows up to be living his best single life and is earlier in his hometown of Sydney.

Meanwhile his pair and Love Island/Block co-star Luke is engaged and also shared his happy news in October 2020.

"Took this girl diving today and also popped the concern at the bottom of the ocean! was a minute I will remember forever. #engaged #wifetobe," Luke sweetly captioned a picture of himself and his fiancée sharing a kiss, the engagement ring on show.


Josh and also Luke room starring with each other on The Block: pan vs Faves.


Anna additionally appears to be solitary but collection tongues wagging when she mutual a collection of Instagram posts featuring her former Love Island co-star, Matthew, vxcialistoufjg.vxcialistoufjg.com formerly dated The Bachelor"s Keira Maguire.

However, the turned the end that the pair to be teaming up no romantically, however as friends for their brand-new dating and relationships podcast venture, Where"s your Head At.

In the an initial episode, Anna revealed the she and Josh "cut vxcialistoufjg.communication" after your split.

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