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Josh Gates, the star ofDiscovery’s Expedition Unknown, has actually been married to his wife, Hallie Gnatovich, for six years.

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The couple tied the node in September 2014 and Gates began filming Expedition Unknown not long after. Together, the pair has one son, Owen, and also one daughter, Isla.

Read on to learn more about the gates family.

The pair Keeps Their children out of the Spotlight

There comes a time in every baby"s life as soon as he has to make a choice… So. I m sorry of these 2 teething toys perform you want? ?

— Josh gateways (

According to Answers Africa, gates met Gnatovich on the collection of Destination Truth. Josh organized the present while Hallie functioned as a researcher, in a task that was largely behind-the-camera.

Josh learned that he was becoming a father in a phone speak to from Hallie the was filmed on Expedition Unknown. While that monumental minute was recorded on the show, the pair keeps your children’s lives very private, rarely posting picture of lock on society media. Reality Star facts reports that the pair refrains from ever before posting photos of their kids’ deals with online.

Owen to be born ~ above February 12, 2016, and also Isla to be born in at an early stage 2018.

Hallie Is a family Therapist

While mockery attended Tufts college (where he studied drama and also archaeology), Hallie i graduated from Oberlin university in 2004. She go on to obtain her Master’s level in Marriage and also Family treatment from Alliant university in mountain Diego in 2010.

According to she Twitter page, Hallie is a license is granted therapist and focuses top top LGBTQ couples, those in their 20s and 30s, mothers, and entertainment industry professionals in Hollywood, California. She began her company, Hallie G Therapy, in 2009.

The company’s Instagram page attributes inspirational quotes, facts, and advertises a range of blog posts.

Prior to concentrating on her very own business, Hallie was a Consultant at MedAvante because that eleven years, wherein she assisted in training pharmaceutical researcher in DSM symptomology. She also worked together a therapist at Jewish household Service and also Jenesse Center.

Hallie’s website reads, “Joking aside, together a therapist, I’m active, dedicated, and, end time, develop a allude of see on what’s daunting you. However fundamentally, therapy with me must feel collaborative, respectful, and also balanced. My ultimate goal is to stabilize and also empower YOU. An ext about me: i am 39 year old. Married. Mommy to two delightful, wild tiny children. I am a runner and practice as simple a way of living as possible.”

Hallie writes that her philosophy is to deal with and manage problems you may face in your life. She writes, “Treatment starts with experimenting your background and your thoughts, preferences, and also beliefs. Us then hone in ~ above the principles that might be resulting in the distress and also tackle lock together, through compassionate and goal-oriented talk therapy, particular cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness homework, and/or new daily routines.”

Hallie works primarily from a Cognitive Behavioral and also mindfulness perspective, according to her LinkedIn.

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Expedition Unknown airs on discovery Wednesdays in ~ 8pm ET/PT.

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