Actress Jurnee Smollett has had plenty that successes in the past few years. Not just was the HBO collection "Lovecraft Country" a crucial and well-known hit, according to Deadline, but her character Letitia proved to be among the most vital players ~ above the show. 

In enhancement to a powerhouse performance together Dinah Lance, or The black Canary, in the DC Comics movie "Birds of Prey," Smollett has actually been paving a method for herself as among Hollywood"s optimal actresses to watch — i beg your pardon is only proper since she"s been acting because she to be 10 month old. Smollett"s big break came at the period of 4 as soon as she was cast as Michelle Tanner"s finest friend Denise top top the abc sitcom "Full House," a duty that led to a spinoff collection for her and her five siblings title "On ours Own," follow to The Hollywood Reporter.

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One that those brothers was her brother, Jussie Smollett, an gibbs from "Empire" who obtained fame and notoriety once he to be accused that staging his very own hate crime in at an early stage 2019. His situation is quiet pending, reports the Chicago Tribune, but one fact around the situation that has remained regular is Smollett"s unwavering assistance of her brother.

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Jurnee Smollett has actually only publicly stated her opinion on her older brothers Jussie"s instance once, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. In February 2019, Jussie was arrested for filing a false report ~ claiming 2 masked men struck him in Chicago in January. However, the suspects in the case, Olabinjo and also Abimbola Osundairo, later on sued the actor"s legal team for defamation, alleging Jussie had actually orchestrated the entire assault as a way of elevating his status as an openly gay, black actor, follow to The new York Times. Return the charges against the gibbs were ultimately dropped, a brand-new prosecutor and special grand jury reinstated them. 

Smollett said The Hollywood Reporter the incident had been "one that the many painful points my family"s ever experienced — come love who as much as us love mine brother, and to watch someone who you love that lot go through something prefer this, the is therefore public, has actually been devastating." together a support of Black resides Matter, Smollett added that she"d already been dealing with an unfavorable emotions for various reasons once her brother"s alleged attack occurred. "I"ve do the efforts to no let it make me pessimistic," she said.

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"But everyone that knows me to know that ns love my brother and also I think my brother."

In march 2021, Smollett was photographed close to her brother"s side in court as soon as prosecutors protested his new defense attorney, citing a conflict of interest (per the Chicago Tribune). If the enlarge Smollett"s case is still pending, his younger sister continues to be supportive.