SOPHIE Grégoire has been married come Canada's prime Minister Justin Trudeau for 16 years.

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Growing increase in Montreal, the 46-year-old to be a classmate and childhood girlfriend of Trudeau's youngest brothers Michel.


Canada's prime Minister Justin Trudeau kisses his mam Sophie GregoireCredit: Reuters

Who is Sophie Grégoire and what does she do?

Grégoire was born ~ above April 24, 1975, in Montreal, the daughter the a stockbroker and also a nurse.

Although she had actually a happy childhood, in her late teenagers she experienced from bulimia, a problem she fought until her early on 20s.

In 2017, she told an event at Canada's eat Disorder Awareness Week: "The minute I started sharing mine story, obviously ns had begun on my road to recovery.

"The an answer and the human being who were opened up in the direction of their own struggles to me and to other people approximately them was the most beautiful gift I’ve ever received."

After graduating indigenous the university of Montreal with a BA in communications, she operated in advertising, PR and sales for three years.

However, she retrained in radio and TV, and also went top top to become an to chat reporter on Quebec TV station LCN.






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Grégoire was a reporter top top Canadian entertainment present eTalk native 2005 until 2010, concentrating on celebrities' charity work.

The 46-year-old is associated in a wide selection of charitable causes herself, supporting philanthropic projects from eating obstacle to vulnerable pregnant women.

She explains herself as a "gender equality activist".

In 2021, she has actually been supporting Trudeau on his political journey and sharing snippets the the project trail on her social media.

She common a sweet picture on Instagram the the pair and their children on a tour bus, through the caption: "In the past years, I’ve watched so plenty of Canadians work their butts off day-in and also day-out… and this pushes mine hubby and the free team to fight because that them and also work relentlessly to do this country strong and resilient.

"And it is what this election is around - it's around continuing come fight because that Canadians. Justin: we can’t be with you in human being tonight for cuddles, yet we desire you to know exactly how proud we space of you!

"We kicked off the campaign with you and also we’re v you every step of the way. Walk Daddy! us love you."

Grégoire also appears to been a keen yogi, often sharing images of her practicing yoga and meditating in nature.

farming up in Montreal, Grégoire was a classmate and also childhood girlfriend of Trudeau's youngest brother MichelCredit: Getty - Contributor

When walk Sophie Grégoire marry Justin Trudeau?

Grégoire met Justin Trudeau, the future prime Minister that Canada, when they to be both growing up in Montreal.

They started dating after meeting again as adult in 2003, and were involved in October 2004 prior to tying the knot in may 2005.

On may 29, 2021, Grégoire payment tribute to she husband v an Instagram write-up marking their 16-year wedding anniversary.

She wrote: "Oh, mine beloved 'Just'... 18 year of sharing our life routes (16 years married today!) and what one adventure it has actually been.

"We have loved each other through that all and that love knows no limits..."

Grégoire signed turn off the Instagram article with "Your Sophie".

The blog post was shared with one old picture of the pair embracing.

How many children do Sophie and also Justin have?

Grégoire gave birth to her very first child, Xavier James, in October 2007.

The couple have due to the fact that welcomed Ella-Grace Margaret, born in February 2009, and also Hadrien Grégoire in February 2014.

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