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Kim filed for divorce indigenous Kanye in February, and also while the briefly date supermodel Irina Shayk, a resource tells ET the 44-year-old rapper is spending more time with40-year-old Kim and their four children -- North, 8, Saint, 5, Chicago, 3, and Psalm, 2 -- and also that he wants her back.

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"Kim and also Kanye"s connection is in a much healthier space," the resource says. "They have actually been speaking a lot much more frequently and also have to be spending more time with each other on your own and also as a family. Kanye is entirely trying to victory Kim back and she is considering it, but he still has actually a lot come prove come her. Their relationship had to begin over in order for it to begin again, and also there are still some points that he needs to absolutely job-related on in order for points to progress."

"She definitely sees that he has actually been do an effort, but she additionally knows that he deserve to be a loose cannon in ~ times and she is concerned around that," the resource adds. "She is worried that sooner or later he might snap and become mentally stormy again, making the an unhealthy atmosphere for the kids."

Kanye has been do waves v his new album, Donda, and in his song, "Hurricane," he appears to hint in ~ cheating on Kim. Follow to our source, Kim go have involves that he couldpotentially be unfaithful if lock reconciled.

"She is but hopeful and also knows the he is right now on the appropriate track," the source says. "A part of lock both desire to have a happy, healthy, and faithful, partnership favor they once had."

Meanwhile, resource says Kim has actually been leaning on she mother, Kris Jenner, and also her sister -- Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, and Kendall and also Kylie jenner -- and very few select friends in her immediate circle for support.

"Kim"s main focus is on her kids and she wants them to prosper individually, command happy and also healthy lives and also feel supported and loved by their family," the source says. "The youngsters are in a good space in ~ the moment and are hopeful that your dad can be healthy and also become much more involved in their day-to-day lives again."

Kim and also Kanye are clearly still on friendly terms. Kim supported him in ~ his hearne parties for Donda and also even appeared onstage in a wedding dress at Soldier ar in Kanye"s hometown the Chicago critical month, shocking fans. A source recently told ET the Kim additionally isn"t planning to drop West from her last surname amid their split.

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"Kim and also Kanye tho think the themselves as a family unit and also Kim wants her kids to feel and know that," the resource said.