Kate Spade to be married come Andy Spade, the older brother of comedian David Spade, because that 24 years.

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The pair co-founded the Kate Spade brand and also an accessories line referred to as Frances Valentine.In 2005, the Spades had a daughter, Frances Beatrix Spade.

Kate Spade the brand existed prior to Kate Spade the person. It was the brainchild that a previous Mademoiselle equipment editor called Katie Brosnahan—and her partner in business and also life, Andy Spade.

Together Kate and also Andy created much more than simply a line of now-iconic handbags, they created an aesthetic. Though Kate, who passed away June 5 by noticeable suicide in ~ the period of 55, to be the challenge of her collection, specifically at the beginning, it was the Spades’ combined talents as a designer and a branding whiz that launched a small-scale fashion revolution. Kate Spade accomplished the near-impossible feat of mix it-girl brand-new York cool and down-to-earth Midwestern fun.

Name another brand that has actually so successfully controlled to it is in both cheerfully approachable and fashionably aspirational?

How Kate Spade Met Andy Spade

Kate met Andy as soon as they were students at Arizona State University. A native of Kansas City, Brosnahan was a journalism significant who had worked in a motorcycle bar and a apparel store. It to be there the she met she future husband. “I was on the women"s side. He to be on the men"s side. And also one day, his automobile broke down, and he asked me for a drive home. And we really began off together really great friends,” Kate told man Raz because that an illustration of NPR’s how I constructed This.


After Kate graduated in 1985, she backpacked with Europe prior to moving to new York City. She got a task at Conde Nast, in the fashion closet the Mademoiselle, and also contemplated moving back to Arizona come be with Andy. “I kept saying, oh, I"m comes back. I will just stay right here for six months,” Kate said on how I constructed This. “And then finally I said, ‘I have to be honest, I type of prefer my job. Ns loved, friend know, the quick pace of brand-new York. And suddenly that just—I loved it.”

Andy at some point joined Kate in brand-new York, where they stayed in a tiny walk up apartment and also Spade functioned in advertising. Brosnahan’s roman inn Catholic parental weren’t crazy about the arrangement. “They never ever really stated much, yet my mommy was no pleased through it,” said Kate.

Kate Spade is Launched

After a couple of years, Kate battered her project at Mademoiselle. At Andy’s suggestion, she had decided to shot her hand at designing bags. The business was incorporated in 1993 by Kate, Andy, and also a 3rd partner—and funded by Andy’s salary, his savings, and a dwindling retirement account.


What Kate and also Andy did have was a really an excellent idea. “At the time, bags were also complicated. And I yes, really loved very an easy kind of architectural shapes,” stated Kate. She gathered bags and also Andy knew she acquired a most compliments ~ above the people she carried. “I would wear these very straightforward shapes, nobody of which were famous designers. Ns mean, there were no names. If someone to be to say, ‘whose is that?’ I"d say, ‘I don"t know, i bought it in ~ a vintage keep or it"s a straw bag I gained in Mexico.’”

The Balance that Kate and Andy

Kate Spade was not an prompt success—at least according come Kate. "I"m really conservative," she called Raz. "I have actually no attention in shedding money."

At very early trade show, Kate came home in tears because she hadn’t sold enough of her prototypes come cover the cost of the booth. "That"s it because that me," Kate recalls informing Andy. "I"m not a gambler."

Andy asked she if any orders and also been placed, and also she told him the both Barneys and also Fred Segal department stores had placed an order. ”Katie,” Andy said. “You"ve acquired two of the ideal stores in America. Why space you crying? Let"s not quit."

Brosnahan and Spade workshopped a surname for their brand-new venture. “I preserved coming up through these names,” claimed Kate. “And Andy preserved saying Kate Spade because we to be 50-50 partners. And finally I just said, ‘OK.’ and also everyone said, ‘I love it, Kate Spade brand-new York.’”

The only human who wasn’t a fan was Brosnahan’s mother. “Honestly, she burst right into flames. And she was like, ‘but you"re not Kate Spade currently you"ll never be Kate Spade, now you"ve, you know, you"ve jinxed it. And why would certainly you name it Kate Spade?’ and also I said, well, it"s my first name, his last name, and also it"s prefer Dolce & Gabbana. And she goes, ‘who the hell is that?’”

Mrs. Brosnahan didn’t have to concern long. In 1994, Kate and Andy gained married.

Kate Spade it s okay Big

It wasn’t until 1996, three years after ~ the service officially launched, thatKate Spade turn a profit. Kate had actually just won CFDA’s call Perry Ellis Award because that Accessory Design, and also Saks 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus placed vast orders. “It to be a snowball effect," she says. "It gained a little bigger and also a small bigger and a little bigger."

Together, the Spades had a rarely gift for producing not simply a product the you loved—the perfect, sensible-yet-stylish bag—but one aesthetic the you wanted to it is in a part of. Kate wore a crewneck Cashmere sweater in such a method that do you desire to just want wear that one garment ever again, due to the fact that what can be much more perfect?


They opened a collection of impeccably curated shops. “The Spades do no false steps, because they to be inventing a service out the a common vision that they’d to be perfecting in their minds for years,” Stella Bugbee wrote today in The Cut. “They’d taken a love that WASP-y Americana and linked it through a winking downtown irony, in a formula that brands like J.Crew and also Tory Burch would later on emulate with an excellent success.”

Kate and Andy relocate On

In 1999, the Spades offered 56 percent that the brand to Neiman Marcus, their best client. The influx of capitol enabled for a many expansion—into shops in new cities and also categories favor shoes and stationery. Then, in 2005, they pair had a daughter, Frances, and also at that suggest they offered their decimal stake in Kate’s namesake brand. Kate Spade no longer had anything to do with Kate Spade.


“I wanted to leaving on an excellent terms,” Kate claimed of the decision. “It to be the perfect time to leave, I want to invest time v my daughter, I’d heard so countless horror stories about people that sell and then castle stay and then they fight and they sue, for this reason I assumed oh, that’s also ugly for me.

“It to be seamless. It to be a an extremely quiet exit,” she defined on exactly how I built This.

Frances Beatrix Spade

Kate Spade stepped earlier from the fashion civilization for a te to be through her daughter, nicknamed Bea. “I necessary a break and also I really wanted to raise my daughter,” Kate told civilization in 2016. “People inquiry me, ‘Don’t you miss out on it?’ ns really didn’t. Ns mean, ns loved what i was doing, however I didn’t miss it as lot as I believed I might.”


Andy functioned on his very own projects. After designing a menswear boutique for J. Crew in downtown Manhattan, he introduced Partners & Spade, a branding agency that arisen store designs and marketing campaigns.

By all accounts, their life centered on their family. In 2016, she described her regime this way to The cut in 2016:

I normally gain up at 6:30 and also get every little thing organized by the moment my daughter it s okay up — I’m a small OCD. I revolve on every the lights, get every little thing going, start making breakfast. I gradually wake up mine daughter up — I provide her a tiny nudge every ten minutes. I swear to god, it’s so exhausting… ns feed the dog; i feed the fish. My husband, Andy, runs to Starbucks since he doesn’t want any part of the banter. I’m in my daughter’s room going, “Oh my god, ns asked girlfriend 20 minutes ago and you’re quiet in her pajamas.” It’s a small mini battle. She’s jealousy of ours dog since he doesn’t need to do anything.

Both of Bea"s parents, Kate said, made an initiative to eat dinner v her daughter every night. “It’s a point that Andy and I determined to do once she was little.”

They also threw unpretentious dinner parties—delivered v their normal flair. “Ideally it’s meatloaf and also mashed potatoes, paired through elegant lighting, candles, and flowers,” Kate said Bon Appetit. “For dessert, I offer Duncan Hines cacao cake or banana cream pie. Offer me a cake prefer your grandmother makes!”

We laugh a lot. As soon as we should be major we’re serious, however I think we’ve had actually a many fun. And also then additionally you take it the great with the bad. You take those vow seriously. Through good and bad. —Kate Spade

Kate told people that the secret to their enduring marriage was humor and also weathering the difficult along v the great. “We laugh a lot,” said Kate. “And my daughter has actually a really funny sense of humor. Yet when we must be significant we’re serious, and also she can tell the difference, yet I think we’ve had actually a lot of fun. And then also you recognize you take it the good with the bad. You take it those vow seriously. Through an excellent and bad.”

Kate and also Andy Go earlier Into Business

In 2016, Kate and Andy launched an additional accessories brand, this one named for their daughter, Frances, and also a family members name, Valentine. Kate it s her legally readjusted her surname to Kate Valentine Spade. “I thought it was vital to differentiate who i am now,” she said. “I’m the exact same person, but there’s a difference.”

Kate and also Andy preserved Frances Valentine small—and maybe telling, provided the trajectory of their first business, the Spades did not take on any partners. Despite plenty of provides from investors, “we didn’t lend a dime,” Kate said.

“It’s really comparable to how I began at Kate Spade,” Spade stated to The Cut. “It was very scrappy. We started very tiny and we tried no to acquire ahead of ourselves—I’m indigenous the Midwest, for this reason I’m not lot of a risk-taker.”

Kate’s fatality came as a shock to so many—not least since she appeared to outsiders to be so optimistic and grounded. She retained her pain private, but hinted sometimes at struggles. “Being a mom adds an massive amount of anxiety to her life,” she called the cut of balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship. “You should make sure you’re there because that everything. We don’t have other world to do it for us — I desire to make sure I’m there. Once you’re trying to it is in a parent and a businessperson at the same time, that is the most stressful point you could do.”

Kate Spade leaves behind she husband that 24, Andy Spade, and also her daughter, who is 13. “We are all devastated by today’s tragedy,” her family members said in a statement to the new York day-to-day News. “We loved Kate dearly and will miss out on her terribly. We would ask that our privacy be respected together we grieve throughout this very an overwhelming time.”

A Statement native Andy Spade

The work after Kate Spade"s death, she husband Andy released the following statement come the New York Times.

Kate was the many beautiful woman in the world. She was the kindest human being I’ve ever before known and my ideal friend for 35 years. Mine daughter and also I are ravaged by she loss, and also can’t even begin to fathom life there is no her. We are deeply heartbroken and also miss her already.Kate endured from depression and also anxiety for many years. She was proactively seeking aid and working very closely with her doctors to treat her disease, one that takes far too countless lives. Us were in touch with her the night before and also she sounded happy. There was no indication and also no warning the she would do this. It was a complete shock. And it clearly wasn’t her. Over there were personal demons she to be battling.For the past 10 month we had been life separately, yet within a couple of blocks of every other. Bea to be living with both the us and also we observed each other or speak every day. We ate numerous meals together as a family and continued to vacation with each other as a family. Our daughter was our priority. Us were no legally separated, and also never even disputed divorce. We were ideal friends trying to work-related through our problems in the best method we knew how. Us were together for 35 years. We loved every other an extremely much and simply necessary a break.This is the truth. Anything else that is out there right currently is false. She was proactively seeking aid for depression and anxiety end the last 5 years, see a medical professional on a regular basis and taking medication because that both depression and also anxiety. There was no problem or alcohol abuse. There were no organization problems. Us loved creating our businesses together. We were co-parenting ours beautiful daughter. I have yet to see any kind of note left behind and am appalled that a private blog post to my daughter has been for this reason heartlessly common with the media.My main worry is Bea and protecting she privacy together she faces the unimaginable grief of shedding her mother. Kate love Bea so really much.

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