Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are keeping an amicable coparenting relationship almost three year after your split.

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“It is stable,” the actress, 35, solely told Us Weekly while cultivating Evereden’s kids Skincare Line. “We space . Time heals all.”


Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett. Broadimage/Shutterstock

The exes, that share son Hank IV, 11, and also daughter Alijah, 6, called it quits in 2018 after ripe years that marriage. While raising their small ones between the coronavirus pandemic, Wilkinson has actually been doing “OK.”

The California native, who attended the Evereden launch party v her children in Culver City, California, ~ above Saturday, April 24, described to Us, “My children are at that age where we have the right to do points they come increase with. It works. Hank Jr. Is 11 and also a good kid, he teaches me a lot about whatever the is into, and we have a very great relationship. Mine daughter is tough, but she is exactly like me. Ns feel like the quarantine was prolonged version of mom and kid time. It was great for all of us.”


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The version feels prefer “a more powerful person” due to the fact that quarantining through her kids. “It is simply me,” Wilkinson said. “I perform not have extended care. Not even a housekeeper. I choose that it is every me. Do not gain me wrong, that means is simpler getting nannies, housekeepers and even clean services. But I am not lying when it is every me. Ns am doing the all. Ns think it reflects them the their mom is solid and deserve to do that all. I likewise think it’s a good way to have actually them pitch in and also help.”

In might 2020, a source exclusively told Us the the Kendra alum was “staying busy and positive” while hanging at home. “Her and Hank have actually been coparenting really well together throughout and have been for a when now,” the insider included at the time. “She has her mainly on and off with the kids and also she’s simply happy her children are healthy and in a great place.”

Being a an excellent mom come Hank and Alijah is “a permanent job,” the previous reality star said Us ~ above Tuesday. “I think boosting kids’ hygiene at this period is hard. Lock don’t desire to execute it. It is pretty to see a brand favor Evereden make a skin care line because that kids, not babies. Kids. … Hank requirements all the assist he deserve to with hair.”

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