The difference in between Hyundai and also Kia isn’t vast; however, some features distinguish the 2 brands.

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Hyundai and also Kia have actually been top top a role lately. They have actually consistently dropped quality products at terrific price point, and have quickly end up being cars ns recommend. Plenty of ask what the difference is between Hyundai and Kia as they it seems ~ to it is in the exact same cars rebadged, but that is not completely true.

Hyundai and also Kia Simalarities

Without going right into the complete history of Hyundai and also Kia, Hyundai bought the end Kia in 1998 with a 51% stake in the company. Hyundai now owns about a third of ownership in Kia currently. The two providers are largely sister companies and also often re-publishing platforms because that vehicles. Understandably, many world think Hyundai’s and also Kia’s room the same.

I’ve reviewed many products from the Hyundai Kia group, and also if us look at the 2020 Hyundai Elantra and the 2020 Kia Forte, us see countless mechanical similarities. Both usage a strut-based suspension in the front with a torsion beam behind suspension. The two vehicles usage the same 2.0l port-injected four-cylinder engine v a chain-driven CVT transmission. One more attribute the two cars share is similar proportions, internal space, tribe space, etc.

So, what’s the difference? that comes under to the tuning. Hyundai’s are commonly tuned to it is in the quieter and also comfortable equivalent to Kia. Kia’s are optimized to be the sportier and “youthful” alternative to Hyundai. Kia’s are typically priced much less than Hyundai, i m sorry tries to be a bit an ext upmarket and also “luxurious.”

When you drive the new Kia Forte, you an alert the electrical power steering is tuned to reaction faster and also rides slightly stiffer than the Elantra. The choice is up to you, however I discovered that both space calibrated perfect to be satisfactory on publicly roads. Both providers know exactly how to do a vehicle that is sensibly comfortable and also fun to drive in its unique way.

Hyundai and also Kia Conclusions

Despite the similarities, the 2 companies run separately. I don’t think us the consumers have to care around the logistics ~ above the ago end as long as we proceed to acquire quality products. Hyundai-Kia’s strategies have actually helped change the companies; that has properly done a 180 from the past commodities that got produced.

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Now you have actually the answer come the age-old inquiry answered by one automotive reviewer. My advice is come test drive both counterparts and also see which car resonates v you the most. It could be hard, however, because both are so good.

Kevin Meyn is an automotive reporter for speak News concentrating top top Hyundai content. Kevin is the founder of Exhaust sporting activities Auto Youtube channel, whereby he does professional vehicle reviews on brand-new and supplied vehicles. Through the use of various resources and also extended Automotive expertise, Kevin files the latest in automotive news revolving approximately Hyundai. Kevin i graduated from NC State University examining Supply Chain Management yet has had actually a enthusiasm for cars since he was a child. Follow Kevin ~ above Twitter and Instagram