Pete Davidson’s ‘SNL’ co-stars hope he’s ‘happy’ through Kim Kardashian

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In the Kardashian kosmos, things aren’t always entirely as they seem.

Despite consistent hints the they may be back together, insiders firmly insist that Kim Kardashian and also Kanye West space not a couple again.

“Nothing’s changed,” one insider told web page Six ~ Kim dropped she married name multiple times while hosting “Saturday Night Live this weekend.

“They space not earlier together. The is still she family, and they are friends. They’ve been working on your friendship because that the kids, and also continue to assistance each other. He’ll constantly be her family, and they’ll always support every other,” the insider said.

In fact, Kim and also Kanye continued to be at separate hotels “the whole week” when she was in new York. Kim stayed at The Ritz-Carlton on main Park South and Kanye to be at the Pendry Manhattan West, we’re told.

However, West did attend rehearsals v Kardashian and helped she with ideas for the show, according to insiders, and joining her as she left she hotel en course to the show.

Kim Kardashian and also Kanye West leaving her Manhattan hotel because that the “SNL” dress rehearsal top top SaturdayElder Ordonez /

West attend the show yet dipped out ideal after Kim yielded her monologue, follow to spies, and also headed backstage. He likewise later opted the end of attending Kim’s “SNL” afterparty at swanky members-only club, Zero Bond.

But Kanye’s absence did no rain on Kim’s parade. We’re said the reality star mogul, that filed because that divorce indigenous the rapper previously this year, had a “magical” suffer at “SNL.”

Her appearance even yielded a ratings an increase for the show according come The Wrap, also if her favourite skit didn’t do the show.

A skit title “Costco Meeting” of she pitching ideas to the huge box save made the ring on YouTube Sunday after landing ~ above the cutting-room floor “due come timing,” a show insider said.

“It to be Kim’s favorite. She had a difficult time controlling her laughter throughout rehearsal,” the source said.

Meanwhile, various other members the the Kardashian-West zener clan also took benefit of the “SNL” trip. A spy told united state Kris Jenner, Khloé Kardashian, Corey Gamble and Simon Huck were spotted filming while eating at ritzy Estiatorio Milos in ~ Hudson Yards.

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“They confirmed up with a camera crew to film scenes for their brand-new Hulu series, dined ~ above the restaurant’s terrace and also were later on joined by Scott Disick,” the angry said.