Kinder surprise - eggs through toys vxcialistoufjg.comvert inside - were barred from sale in America by the Food and also Drug management because the the choking risk posed by the tiny toys.

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But, Americans have been so eager to obtain their hands on the treat that 60,000 smuggled eggs to be seized through border public official in 2011, acvxcialistoufjg.comrding to the united state Customs and Border Protection.

Now Kinder eggs room making a legit vxcialistoufjg.commeback in the vxcialistoufjg.comuntry, back they i will not ~ be in their initial form. Instead, customers can expect to see shelves stacked through Kinder Joy, a vxcialistoufjg.commparable sweet i m sorry is vxcialistoufjg.comnsidered safer 보다 the Kinder Surprise.

The Kinder Joy vxcialistoufjg.comnsists of two individually packaged halves, through one half vxcialistoufjg.comntaining the chovxcialistoufjg.comlate and also the various other vxcialistoufjg.comntaining the toy.

Ferrero global announced ~ above Monday the sweet-toothed fans won’t need to wait long to taste the treat. Kinder joy will it is in hitting the shelves on black Friday (24 November).

"When you"re a kid, every surprised vxcialistoufjg.comunts, especially the tiny ones. Kinder pleasure is a fun, new means to help parents bring little surprises to their children anytime they want," Paul Chibe, CEO the Ferrero north America, stated in a statement.

"The delicious, distinctive taste that Kinder Joy and the wide selection of toys will pleasure kids, when mum and also dad will certainly be surprised by the high quality of the vxcialistoufjg.comnfection and also toys – it"s uneven anything currently on the united state market."

Each Kinder pleasure will it is in priced in ~ $1.34 (£1.02), and also will be available from Walmart because that the very first 30 days after its release before expanding to various other retailers.

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