Updated strength Rankings: space the Cardinals the NFL"s ideal team? Plus, players who require to enhance ASAP


They visited California trying come prepare because that the season, as they did critical year. Now, choose the remainder of America, these young NFL quarterbacks are simply trying to get through each day.

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The glamorous lives of the new York Jets" Sam Darnold, the Washington Redskins" Kyle Allen and the Buffalo Bills" mockery Allen include workouts the end roughly 1 p.m., adhered to by map games, video clip games and movies.

And several yawns.

"It"s pretty boring, I"ll be honest with you," Kyle Allen told reporters on a conference call. "We pat a ton that Gin, call of Duty, and we acquire super bored. That"s about it."

Allen said the group acquired together Feb. 1 in Orange county to prepare because that the season with workouts, including weight training and also throwing passes on the beach. They did this critical year as well.

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Kyle Allen called SI.com that he is living through Josh Allen -- through both of their girlfriends -- and also Darnold lives about 15 minutes away. All 3 quarterbacks space training with previous NFL quarterback Jordan Palmer.

The three quarterbacks lift together in a friend"s 40-square-foot garage. Allen stated they make sure to exercise social distancing as lot as possible.

"Not much has actually changed. It"s just been a small harder to discover a ar to throw or find a location to work-related out," Kyle Allen said. "We"re getting great work in and also trying to it is adapted to every one of this, like everyone rather is."

The Allen combination might have to move in with Darnold, as their lease expires this week. They walk not plan to stay longer than April, as teams -- in a typical year -- would have actually resumed workouts by then. Kyle Allen called SI.com that he doesn"t desire to return residence to Arizona because one the his mother"s coworkers tested hopeful for COVID-19, and also his mother is currently in the middle of a 14-day quarantine.

However, Allen said the quarterbacks can benefit from this time together, despite of course, they didn"t require a quarantine for that to happen.

"That"s why we prefer to train with each other," Allen claimed on the conference call. "We speak to each other about our experiences. We have actually film nights at our houses and are breaking down film and also talking through various things. We"re having really an excellent conversations."

Kyle Allen learned the his trade to Washington indigenous Carolina if holed up in California -- and around a mainly after, the briefly returned to Carolina to authorize a one-year extension. Because that Allen, the trade means a reunion through coach Ron Rivera and offensive coordinator Scott Turner. Allen began 12 gamings for the Panthers critical season.

He provides the Redskins another young quarterback come pair through second-year player Dwayne Haskins, who Rivera stated would go into camp together the starter. The two quarterbacks have actually exchanged texts because the trade.

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Allen claimed that after talking to Rivera, the "expectation is to come in and compete because that the job. That"s an great opportunity."

Allen offers the Redskins a safety net native someone that knows the offense. Haskins must learn Turner"s mechanism without the advantage of a continuous offseason. Allen claimed it take it him a great month and also a fifty percent to learn the violation in Carolina to the suggest that the felt comfortable to run it in practice.

"The continuity v the system is vast for me, and also I think it"s going to be huge for the team, too," Allen said. "If we don"t have actually a lot of OTAs or don"t have OTAs at all, it provides at least someone on the team a chance with endure in the device to have the ability to teach it to the other guys."