Another baby is official on the means for this two, i m sorry raises the question: room Kylie Jenner and also Travis Scott ago together? Well, follow to a new report by us Weekly, the on-again, off-again couple are “closer” than ever now that they’re expecting their second child.

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“Travis and also Kylie have never to be closer,” a source told the publication on Wednesday, September 8. “The baby has actually absolutely carried them even closer together.” The insider’s comment come just one day after Kylie, 24, evidenced that she expecting her second child with Travis, 30. The Kylie Cosmetics founder made the announcement in a video clip posted top top Instagram ~ above Tuesday night, i m sorry featured clips of her positive pregnancy test, her first ultrasound visit, and also the day she revealed the news to she mom, Kris Jenner.

Kylie’s 3-year-old daughter Stormi, whom she shares v Travis, was additionally featured in the montage as soon as she hand-delivered sonogram pictures to the KarJenner momager. “Stormi, we’re gonna have actually a baby! This is just one of the happiest days of my life,” Kris said, v tears in her eyes.

While it’s clear that Kylie and also Travis and also the entire Kardashian family members are thrilled around their second baby, numerous fans space less particular about their relationship status. The pair, who were an initial linked in 2017, split in October 2019 and also have since reunited on many occasions. So, where carry out they was standing now?

Are Kylie Jenner and also Travis Scott back together?

Though Kylie and also Travis are proceeding to broaden their family, sources reveal that the pair still aren’t putting a “label” on their connection at this time. Follow to a source who spoke to united state Weekly in May, the pair have always been comfortable v this arrangement.

“I wouldn’t say that Kylie and also Travis have actually an open relationship, they just don’t placed a brand on it. They’ve been prefer this because that years,” the insider described at the time. “Travis will certainly be at every holidays, whatever to do with Stormi, yet he and Kylie don’t speak to each various other boyfriend and also girlfriend. There’s no expectations between them. There room no demands in your relationship, that the means it’s always been.”

The resource continued, “They don’t call each other asking wherein they are, Kylie and Travis space both permitted to do every little thing they want, but they have actually a substantial amount of love for each other. It’s no a timeless relationship, yet it works for them and has operated for years.”

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