With Larsa Pippen making every the wrong sort of headlines recently, we chose to inform readers the her previous with Scottie Pippen.

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Larsa very first met Scottie in the year 1995. At the time, Scottie was universally known as one of the league’s finest players. He’d been divorced indigenous his an initial wife Karen in the year 1990, with whom he’d had actually a son. He was also coming off a botched engagement v Yvette de Leon.

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Larsa, that went by the maiden name of Younan, is of Lebanese descent. She married Scottie in the year 1997. The couple have 4 children – Scotty (born in 2000), call (born 2002), Justin (born 2005) and Sophia (born 2008).

Why walk Scottie and also Larsa Pippen separate?

Despite being in a happy and successful relationship for a long time, cracks began to appear in the couple’s wedded life in 2016. Cops were called to their ft Lauderdale residence two days in a row in October 2016.

It was later on revealed through Larsa herself the she started seeing Cleveland Cavaliers large man Tristan Thompson roughly this time. She additionally admitted to dating Future – miscellaneous the Bulls legend did not take kindly to. Scottie filed because that divorce citing irreconcilable differences late in 2016.

When Scottie and also Larsa agreed to shred the files of your 2016 divorce case in 2017, it showed up that the 2 have settled their differences. Yet this was just for a year, together Larsa determined to record for divorce in 2018. This time, the separation was final…except it really hasn’t been finalized.

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The situation is still going ~ above in court. There have been some unconfirmed reports that Larsa went back to Scottie complying with the mayhem regarding her and Malik Beasley.

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The internet, meanwhile, has actually been merciless in its assessment of the couple’s relationship.

I yes, really think Scottie didn’t divorce Larsa cause it cost too much so that cheaper to save her – she have the right to do what she wants and she got access to that money still. They more than likely separated 😂

— Stuff. (
AuntiesBlocc) December 4, 2020

She and also Scottie have actually filed for divorce a couple of times, also tho they never ever went through with the so it’s evident there’s difficulties within your marriage. So ns think at this allude Larsa simply doesn’t offer af anymore. She doing her 😂🤷🏿‍♀️ https://t.co/g08rTKiSCI

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