Before the raging worldwide pandemic that consumed 2020, we had actually the wildfires the 2018 and also 2019 that ruined the west coast. Throughout those fires, numerous people, including Miley Cyrus and also Liam Hemsworth, shed their homes.

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I remember when I an initial heard that Miley and also Liam's house had shed down. Ns was a junior in college sitting in a auto packed with my friends, and as shortly as I saw the photo of their residence pop increase on my Instagram feed, my jaw dropped. That course, I acknowledge that friend can't manage nature and also that fire doesn't care who girlfriend are. Yet it still seemed like something that couldn't possibly have actually happened to celebrities, together though fame need to have defended them native such herbal disasters.

But alas, over there they were, posting image of their completely burned-down Malibu house and the just thing that had survived: four substantial cement letter spelling out the word "LOVE."

To me, that was symbolic. If you to be to ask me to choose a pair who exemplified the id of true love, i would instantly tell you the Liam Hemsworth and also Miley Cyrus to be it.

I to be so sure that your love was unbreakable. Ns was 13 years old as soon as the movie adaptation the the Nicholas Sparks novel The Last song came out in 2010, and also I quickly came to be obsessed v everything about them and also their young, relatable characters. Not only was Ronnie fearbut (Cyrus) a boy of divorce favor me that struggled with resentment, yet she lived out mine adolescent fantasy transparent the film, learning how to forgive and falling in love. At the ripe young age of 13, my an initial year of teenhood, the film sparked the start of mine hopeless romanticism.

What came to be so exciting around The Last song wasn't simply its plot, but the reality that the young stars became component of co-stars-to-lovers pipeline. We'd viewed it prior to with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, Robert Pattinson and also Kristen Stewart, Sophia Bush and also Chad Michael Murray (still no over this one), and, that course, Rachel McAdams and also Ryan Gosling.



This pipeline for sure didn't always end up functioning out, but it was always so thrilling to watch that the on-screen chemistry we together viewers gained to angry did, in fact, exist in genuine life. The made the movie even more lovable and influenced the means we witnessed these relationships. Watching their love IRL made friend want to root because that them, and honestly, it made friend feel choose you'd gained a emergence behind the curtains the what your love was yes, really like. 

And then there to be Miley and also Liam. Working together on your movie led them first to every other, and also then to plenty of ups and also downs. I became somewhat i heard with everything going on through them, just hoping that it would all work out. I deserve to still psychic their very first breakup in august of 2010, Miley's performance with Robin Thicke in ~ the 2013 MTV awards (iconic), Liam's makeout sesh with Eiza Gonzalez in 2013, the utter heartbreak i felt when I heard Wrecking Ball, the moment Miley come out as pansexual, the thrill of castle getting back together in 2016, the whole of Miley's album Younger Now gift a love tribute to Liam, and also of course to peak it all off, their secret wedding in 2018. After every little thing they had actually been through, ns thought, 'If they deserve to still finish up together, lock must be expected to be.' A ten-year relationship that resulted in a wedding seemed choose fate. 

This hopeless romanticism lugged me transparent my teen years and into my at an early stage 20s. The idea the "the one" helped me obtain through several of my own breakups. When I started to regret or inquiry my decisions, this naive id would remind me that also though mine ex and I damaged up, if lock were meant to it is in my person, us would discover our way back to each various other — similar to Liam and Miley had uncovered their way back.

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But then, ten year later, your movie-like romance involved a crashing halt. Miley and Liam officially break-up after gift married for much less than a year. The was prefer my rose-tinted glasses were all of sudden ripped-off of mine face and also I had actually to confront the fact that in the genuine world, also relationships that seem perfect and people that seem choose soulmates don't constantly work out.

Despite the all, months after their divorce was finalized, part of me can't help but revert earlier to my 13-year-old self and hold onto that tiny glimmer of hope the maybe, simply maybe, at some point they'll still uncover their way back to every other. 

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