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This is among the indicators that will certainly be posted in Pa. Fine wine & an excellent Spirits stores the reopen ~ above Friday to restricted in-person sales.



It’s the news countless Pennsylvanians have been wait to hear for practically two months: the state-run liquor shop will begin to reopen.

Granted, it’s not all 600 stores however the Pennsylvania Liquor regulate Board top top Wednesday announced 77 Fine wine & an excellent Spirits stores in counties designated in the yellow phase of Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts will resume minimal in-store sales, beginning Friday.

The 77 shop that will be reopening are determined in a list released by the PLCB, and also they are located in the adhering to counties: four in Bradford County, 6 in center County, two in Clarion County, 5 in Clearfield County, 2 in Clinton County, four in Crawford County, two in Elk County, 15 in Erie County, two in Jefferson County, 4 in Lawrence County, seven in Lycoming County, two in McKean County, five in Mercer County, one in Montour County, four in Northumberland County, one in Potter County, one in Snyder County, one in Sullivan County, 3 in Tioga County, 2 in Union County, 3 in Venango County, and one in Warren County.

The stores will be restricted to no an ext than 25 people, including employees, in a keep at any kind of one time. More restrictions on the number might be imposed in smaller sized stores. The very first hour that a store’s opened each day will be scheduled to client at high-risk because that COVID-19, including those 65 and older.

All will be forced to wear masks and practice social distancing, which will certainly be guided through signage transparent the store. And also store employees will perform frequent cleaning and disinfecting for this reason store hrs will it is in modified to allow time because that that task and because that restocking.

Prior to your reopening come the public, the stores were to be sanitized and Plexiglass set up at registers to provide a physical obstacle between employees and also customers. Those shop that are reopening will proceed to market curbside service to the extent feasible with restricted staff.

Meanwhile, 11 additional smaller liquor shop in yellow counties – one in Cameron County, two in Clarion County, 2 in forest County, 2 in Jefferson County, two in McKean County, one in Potter County, and also one in Warren ar – v very restricted staffing will proceed offering curbside pickup only until extr employees might be hired to support retail to work in the close to future.

As for the counties still in the red step of the reopening plan, curbside pickup is available from many stores and also online orders at FineWineAndGoodSpirits.com continue to be the only choices to products offered through the state’s liquor stores.

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