It to be 40 (!) years ago November 16 that General Hospital threw the wedding of the millennium. Yet to those of united state who were there — well, watching, still — it appears like just yesterday.

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Great Expectations

While top top one side of harbor Charles, young divorcée Laura Baldwin was admiring her beautiful gown, ~ above the other, she groom Luke Spencer to be making an notice to anyone within earshot: “Hello, harbor Charles,” that hollered from his balcony. “Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, king of the single life, is offering it increase today!”

Though nothing could wipe the smile from Laura’s face, she did recognize to her mom Lesley Webber that she to be troubled through Helena Cassadine’s visit to harbor Charles. Due to the fact that her husband had passed away in Luke and Laura’s successful attempt to save the madman from freeze the world, she knew the Helena couldn’t have flown in to sell her ideal wishes.

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Something Borrowed, someone Cruel

How ideal Laura was, the Cassadine matriarch cursed the couple — and also would continue to haunt lock for years after. Yet that’s another story for one more day…

Before the ceremony, Luke paid a visit to Ruby Spencer, the lovely aunt who’d increased him and also sister Bobbie, and also promised that even after he had a wife, he’d constantly need her. Then, in ~ last, the was go time.


Above: If girlfriend ask us, Luke looked a small too chummy v wedding planner Delfina.

Wedding Crasher

Miraculously, nobody spoke up when the officiant asked if anyone could show “just cause” to thing to the marriage. After the reception, however, somebody elevated a huge stink. First, Luke tossed Laura’s garter — which rick caught. Then…

Oh boy. Then, Laura threw she bouquet. Both fifty percent sister Amy Vining and pal Tiffany Hill to be willing to tackle anybody who came between them and it, yet it was caught by Scotty, the husband Laura had actually dumped in stimulate to operation off v her rapist.

Needless to say, a hit ensued, after i beg your pardon Scotty obtained what he assumed was the last word: He to be going to dispute his and also Laura’s divorce, thereby invalidating her marital relationship to Luke. “The hell you are,” seethed the groom.

Instead of take the bait the his nemesis to be dangling, Luke reassured Laura the they were one — and they constantly would be. V that, castle took off on a honeymoon the they hoped would never ever end. And we in the audience… we simply sighed dreamily.

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‘I Dos’ that Can’t be Outdone

Even now, every these years later, the wedding that Luke and Laura continues to be daytime’s yellow standard, not just a beautifully produced affair complete of romance and also surprises but the most-watched illustration of daytime television in soap history. (Thirty-million viewers RSVP’d yes!)

To relive the magic of Luke and Laura’s wedding, click on the below photo gallery, i m sorry takes you all the way from their inauspicious start to the gorgeous consciousness and, finally, your bittersweet ending.