Siblings that live together are not uncommon, however celebrity brother who occupational in essentially contending franchises room a different matter. Luke Wilson, who stars as Pat Dugan in DC’s Stargirl, freshly opened up around what that was like living v older brothers Owen Wilson while he to be filming Marvel"s Loki together a personality by the surname of Mobius.

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With Luke and also Owen Wilson both certification in their corresponding superhero TV shows filming in Atlanta, the Stargirl gibbs revealed to TVLine that they live together. Luke Wilson shared what the experience was prefer as a DC actor living v his MCU brother:

We shared a house… because that a tiny over a month, and also it was in reality really fun. Us hadn’t done that in a long time, though we see each other all the time. To be on place in the very same town, living in the very same house, was yes, really fun. I don’t understand if you’ve ever lived v anybody in the Marvel universe but… weird people! Very, really odd people.

The brothers were working on their separate superhero mirrors at the exact same time for this reason it’s nice learning that the two of them to be able to live together and also see exactly how the other lives. Functioning on a DC project while her brother works on Marvel might theoretically start any argument at a family reunion, but it sounds favor the brothers had actually a good time through it while it lasted. Luke Wilson praised his brother and Loki’s success, knowing just how much Owen Wilson delighted in working top top the Disney+ series:

It to be funny for me, working for DC and doing a superhero show, when Owen was playing Mobius top top Loki… prefer me, he had not worked on a superhero project, however I understand he had actually a an excellent time. He appreciated working v Tom Hiddleston, and also it seems like that display turned out great, too.

While Loki finished airing its very first season previously this month, Stargirl hasn’t also premiered yet for its second season, as the very first episode of Season 2 airs in August. Though the didn’t prevent The CW from giving it an early renewal back in might for a 3rd season. The superhero collection originally debuted ~ above streaming communication DC Universe, v episodes airing top top The CW the complying with day. The network then renewed Stargirl, make it one of the multiple reflects to be relocated off DC Universe and onto a various platform.

It would be exciting to get Owen Wilson’s next of the story, considering his brother claimed that Marvel human being are “odd.” however it’s an excellent seeing the the 2 of them are as close as ever, despite being in competing franchises. That knows? perhaps the two can make an illustration in the other’s show. One have the right to dream.

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