Bachelor: Madison Prewett Reveals wherein Peter Weber partnership Stands currently Madison Prewett states she and Peter Weber space "on an excellent terms" after his The Bachelor season, but she hasn"t said him around her new tell-all book.

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Madison Prewett talking to Peter Weber The Bachelor
Madison Prewett will go under in Bachelor Nation background for gift the woman to break up v Peter Weber during his The Bachelor season and also for walking head come head v his mother on After The final Rose. Now, Madison is life her best life and also has a whole brand-new tell-all book around her time ~ above the show and the great it teach her. In Made because that This Moment: stand Firm with Strength, Grace, and also Courage, Madison mirrors on those lessons, yet really, what everyone wants to know is even if it is or no she and Peter tho have any sort the relationship.

Madison left she season of The Bachelor prior to the finale, and also Peter finished up getting engaged to Hannah Sluss. But he ended that relationship prior to ATFR, and Madison got in the after-show thinking she and the Bachelor might share their feelings and also possibly get back together. Instead, what happened was among the many iconic and also awkward moment in The Bachelor history, in i beg your pardon Peter"s mother Barbara tore Madison apart in prior of a live audience, all because she didn"t like that the contestant had provided her son an ultimatum about going into the Fantasy Suites. It wasn"t most likely that Madison and also Peter would have actually a future after that.

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While doing push for the relax of her book, Madison has had actually to answer part lingering inquiries from Bachelor Nation, and also one of the most pressing is even if it is or not she and also Peter room still in call with every other. The answer? no so much. She told Access Hollywood the there"s no grudge on her part. "I mean we’re on great terms. It’s not weird, it’s not negative feelings, at least on my end," she said. Still, she didn"t contact him about the fact she was writing a book around her experience on The Bachelor and how tough it all was because that her. Madison added, "So i didn’t call him around the book. I assume he is probably, maybe, i don’t know, watched it? I’m not sure, probably not. I have actually no idea. We have actually mutual friends. For this reason we have actually seen each other  through various other people, being on Facetimes and random situations.

Madison Prewett The Bachelor Peter Weber
So, that doesn"t precisely sound favor they room close, however at least there is no love lost between them. Over there is some poor blood between Madison and also Bachelor Nation, though, together the star told the exact same outlet the she has in reality been approached by producers questioning her to come earlier into the fold, but she"s turn the possibility down every time. Instead of trying to go down to the coast in Bachelor In Paradise and get another chance at finding she soulmate, Madison claims she really hopes to discover love in a more "organic" way, far from the prying eye of cameras.

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For his part, Peter finished up date Kelley Flanagan until they announced their breakup in December 2020. Since then, the two have actually sparred on Instagram, and Peter has even said that the connection felt "unnatural" just due to the fact that it was under so much scrutiny from the general public and, eventually, they simply weren"t a good match. Now, both The Bachelor star and also Kelley additionally stay the end of the spotlight, much like Madison. At the really least, she now has a chance to tell she side of the story.