Mary-Kate Olsen is getting a fresh start in 2021. ET has actually learned the the 34-year-old actress and also 51-year-old French banker Olivier Sarkozy have resolved their divorce.

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While details of the former couple"s settlement are sealed, asource speak ET the "the agreement was reached amicably" and that "everyone is looking front to moving on."

A resource tells ET the Olsen is "relieved this divorce is behind her." according to the source, the designer had actually moved top top emotionally complying with her split, yet now the her divorce has been finalized,"she can ultimately move on holy ghost too." "It"s a brand-new year and also she"s ready for a fresh start without this weighing her down," the source says.The source adds the Olsen and also Sarkozy"s proceedingsultimately went smoothly and also there"s "no bad blood between them now."

First time a judge has granted me permission come “shoot” a proceeding in the pandemic and also it’s a screenshot the Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy’s divorce proceeding. The future is here and also it’s bizarro, babe.

As for what"s following for Olsen, the resource says she"s "in together a good place."

"She"s been working non-stop her whole life -- literally because the day she to be born -- but the pandemic has required her to slow-moving down and really emphasis on what she wants and that"s been really an excellent for her," the source shares, adding that she"s enjoying spending time v her sisters and friends and also is "very open to conference someone new."

Olsen filed for divorce in might after five years that marriage. Through October, the Full House star was claimed to be "single and having fun," a resource told ET in ~ the time.

"She"s not seriously with anyone, yet she"s dating," the source noted. "She"s doing an excellent and appears happier than she"s remained in a lengthy time."


Mary-Kate Olsen Is 'Not Fixating On' her Divorce, source Says

Mary-Kate Olsen Is date After split From Husband Olivier Sarkozy

how Mary-Kate Olsen spent Her 34th birthday

Mary-Kate Olsen Isn’t concentrated on dating Following separation From Husband Olivier Sarkozy

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