Today, it to be reported that mary Kay Letourneau died of colon cancer ~ above Monday, July 6. As soon as Letourneau was 34 and teaching in Seattle, she to be convicted the raping her 12-year-old student, Vili Fualaau — who she later married after ~ she was released from prison. Here’s a closer look into what happened between Letourneau and also Fualaau. 

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Before Letourneau offered her seven year sentence in prison, she provided birth to Fualaau’s child. As soon as she was released, they had one much more child together prior to she went back to jail for break court orders (to keep away indigenous the teenage Fualaau). When Letourneau to be released from prison the 2nd time, she wasn’t supposed to have any kind of call with Fualaau, that was 21 in ~ the time. The fought versus the order, and the two gained married. Both challenged that their connection was consensual.

But in 2017, Letourneau and Fualaau separated, and also ultimately got divorced in 2019. Here’s what us know.

Neither Letourneau nor Fualaau confirmed why they made decision to separate, but a resource told PEOPLE the by the time Letourneau was 57 and also Fualaau was 35, “The intimacy to be gone,” and that they would certainly sleep in separate rooms. Castle added, “That’s not to speak they didn’t love every other, yet it wasn’t what it offered to be.” The resource reportedly has known Letourneau “for years” and claims their marital relationship “began come deteriorate” years before they made decision to separate. 

The source told PEOPLE, “For years, there was hope it would certainly work. There to be hope up until the moment where it to be clear the the hope had actually faded away.”


In a separate interview v PEOPLE, Letourneau’s lawyer and also friend David Gehrke proclaimed it to be Fualaau that wanted to acquire divorced. “Vili was the one that filed a petition because that separation,” Gehrke claimed. A resource says the “ tried very hard. You need to remember: she offered up a lot come be through him. The idea fo throwing it every away currently is terrible to her. But it takes 2 to make things works, and I don’t think they have it in them anymore.” 

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58-year-old Letourneau passed away “suddenly” in her home in De Moines, Washington after battling stage 4 colon cancer for several months. CNN reports the her household was through her throughout her critical hours, including Fualaau that was “giving she 24-hour car the last month of her life.”

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