Our snacks and sides provide you a taste that this or a bite that that.

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Ever uncovered yourself asking: Why room McDonald"s fries for this reason good? We have the answer for you in ours Snacks and Sides FAQ! discover answers to all your questions about Snacks and Sides below.

Do any of the McDonald"s stores sell curly fries?

Nope. No McDonald"s in the U.S. Sell curly fries, at least. 

Why space your ingredients for McDonald"s fries different in the U.S. Native those in the U.K.?

Every nation has a means of doing things a small differently, for this reason there room a couple of reasons that deserve to influence why our ingredient vary here at home. This can encompass customer preferences, regional regulations and also guidelines, and also supply chain availability. If the ingredient we use in McDonald"s fries in the U.S. Might differ from those served throughout the pond, taste and also safety are never ever compromised.

Can ns order McDonald"s fries without included salt?

How much salt execute you add to McDonald"s fries?

We include a small amount the salt to McDonald"s fries after ~ we"ve cooked lock in our kitchen. Find all the information around sodium every serving because that our fries on the fries nutrition page.

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Why are McDonald"s fries so good?

Do you include any type of flavor when preparing her fries?

How execute you make her fries?

Do you use genuine potatoes for her fries?

Yep. The most common potatoes we use for McDonald"s fries encompass the Russet Burbank, Russet Ranger, Umatilla Russet and also the Shepody—varieties well-known for creating a flavorful fried food that"s crispy ~ above the outside and fluffy top top the inside.


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