The friendship between Hart and Lawrence has only grown stronger in the ten years since the premiere the Melissa and also Joey.

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Channel surfers and after-school TV aficionados during the "90s were surely familiar with both Melissa Joan Hart and also Joey Lawrence. Both were constant staples on television and also within the pages of teenager magazines; admires that Lawrence can easily find a pin-up or two for decorating their school lockers or bedroom walls! The young heartthrob climbed to fame play Joey Russo, the dimwitted tiny brother to flower on the "90s display of the same name, the opposite Mayim Bialik.

Melissa Joan Hart knew a point or two around starring in a present featuring a pesky tiny brother at the time. She obtained her begin playing a teen girl who recorded young hearts anywhere by explaining her method through she world, in Nickelodeon"s Clarissa defines It All. If starring on a fight TV series on one of the most well-known networks because that young adults wasn"t enough, Hart"s star ongoing to climb after landing the role of Sabrina in the contemporary retelling that the lover Archie comic series.

These 2 talented teenagers would grow up and also continue their careers in the entertain industry, eventually finding themselves starring with each other in a TV series, airing practically three decades after the 2 respective series that would make the duo famous!

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The Dynamic Duo that Melissa and Joey

Melissa Joan Hart and also Joey Lawrence walk to Disney world via Pinterest
Years ~ Clarissa to be explaining the trials and tribulations of gift a teen, and Joey Russo "Woah"ed" his method through illustration of Blossom through his signature saying, Hart and Lawrence would certainly cross routes on display for the very first time! according to an interview through the Chicago Tribune from 2010, Lawrence defined how the duo had actually "Never bumped right into each various other on-screen, however off-screen for years, yeah."

The years of discovering one another off-screen would certainly unknowingly offer as a blueprint for the duo to have actually believable on-screen chemistry together! Hart and also Lawrence started what would at some point be multiple on-screen projects together when their characters headed under the aisle for an alphabet Family, (now Freeform), film which would additionally be produced by Hart and her mother, referred to as My Fake Fiance. 

There was nothing fake around how confident Hart felt once she and also Lawrence began their expert partnership. She felt exceptionally attracted to exactly how Lawrence handles self on set and his dedication to his craft. After ~ working v him because that the an initial time on My Fake Fiance, Hart championed his occupational ethic, explaining come Women"s Day, "It"s really great when you"re working through a TV professional and there is a specific comfort factor- us know exactly how to job-related quickly, effectively and also just gets it..."

Lawrence "getting it" would shortly prove to be the formula because that Melissa and Joey, the TV collection the longtime pals would star in for the exact same network a year ~ My Fake Fiance"s premiere! Lawrence and Hart wouldn"t it is in the only ones aware of how well their on-screen chemistry worked. According to Lawrence in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, their on-screen chemistry was obvious to alphabet Family"s executives. That revealed, " inquiry if we would be interested in proceeding the dynamic of the personalities we were able come tap right into in the movie."

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Melissa Joan Hart and also Joey Lawrence behind the scenes via Pinterest
The friendship in between Hart and also Lawrence has actually only grown more powerful in the ten years since the premiere the Melissa and Joey, ~ all, the duo would spend 5 of those year seeing one another on set every day!

Off-screen, however, Hart and Lawrence"s partnership status never ever moved past the "platonic pal" stage. In a 2015 interview ~ above The Real, the friends clearly display a solid example of comfort with each other as they spend the interview playfully bantering with each other. Cheetah girl and The Real co-host Adrienne Bailon even points out exactly how the duo finishes each other"s sentences, complementing exactly how the on-screen lover genuinely look like family. Hart and also Lawrence laugh together they explain their friendship come be choose siblings, through Lawrence echoing, "We"ve been hanging out for years!"

The friendship between Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence has all of the contents of a celebrity friendship any type of fan might hope for! Melissa and Joey certainly know a thing or two about, and also could "explain" a heavy friendship!

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