MSNBC"s Morning Joe co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and also Joe Scarborough have actually one of the most electric relationships ~ above daytime television. ~ Brzezinski signed on to the politics talk present in 2007, many viewers couldn"t help but take keep in mind of your charged on-air banter and also easy camaraderie. The only problem? Brzezinski and Scarborough were both married once they first met, resulting in lots the speculation about their working relationship throughout the years. 

When the two finally dubbed it quits ~ above their marital relationships (Brzezinski in 2016 and also Scarborough in 2013), numerous assumed they"d confirm their connection publicly, yet in a curious twist, the tv stars continued to dance about their status, preferring to play coy through journalists. This insistence on mystery was maybe unnecessary and strange, especially due to the fact that the pair"s partnership was essentially an open secret by then.

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Scarborough and Brzezinski at some point confirmed their romance through a surprise engagement in may 2017, spilling the bean to Vanity Fair in their first interview together an official couple. Castle tied the node in a an enig ceremony ~ above Nov. 24, 2018 at the national Archives in Washington, D.C. Now that Scarborough and Brzezinski room married, it"s fair for part fans to wonder around the particulars of your relationship. Why walk they wait so lengthy to confirm their romance? go Scarborough really respect Brzezinski professionally? We"ll answer those inquiries and an ext as we research the strange things around Mika Brzezinski and also Joe Scarborough"s relationship.

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It"s reasonable that some viewers want to understand when Scarborough and also Brzezinski fell in love. Although the pair won"t pen down an exact date, Brzezinski called the Intelligencer, "There was a moment, and it to be alarming. Complex and alarming." Eek. It"s kind of bizarre to describe your love life as alarming, no? 

Of course, it"s feasible Brzezinski"s aha minute was uncomfortable because of her marital status. During the abovementioned interview, she noted, "This is really method more 보다 I want to say. I"ve got human being I care about who will check out this and — but, yeah. There absolutely was a moment where ns realized. And it was hard." The great news? Brzezinski and Scarborough show up to have moved on from there complex past. All"s well that ends well, as the saying goes. 

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There is a most speculation about when Brzezinski and also Scarborough actually started dating. Making problem even much more complicated? It"s unclear specifically when Brzezinski and Jim Hoffer — a married pair for 23 years — divorced. Back the break-up went under in 2016, Brzezinski"s statement about the breakup didn"t pin down a certain date. "Mika"s divorce to be finalized in the previous year. She"s really grateful that it was done amicably and in private," an MSNBC rep stated in a June 2016 statement come Page Six. "This has, of course, to be a painful time for her family. Therefore right now she is focused on her two teenage daughters, and also on proceeding to heal."

After Brzezinski announced the divorce, the rumor will went wild over supposed something with Scarborough. In September 2016, GQ reported the "even ~ above the set of their own show, it"s widely assumed that they room a couple. Castle are generally spotted outside 30 Rock, traveling together on Nantucket and also in Charleston, or sit at tables for 2 over warm dinners in Manhattan. Critical December, when Scarborough hosted a Christmas party because that friends and also colleagues at his house in new Canaan, it to be Brzezinski who welcomed guests at the door." A supposed joint Christmas party in December 2015? Hmm... That timing is a small odd. 

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Given the long-held suspicions about their relationship, it"s bizarre Scarborough and Brzezinski didn"t allow the cat the end of the bag sooner. Instead, they occasionally seemed come fuel the rumors. Take Scarborough and Brzezinski"s interview through GQ in September 2016. As soon as the interviewer inquiry if they to be an item, Brzezinski replied: "I yes, really don"t want to talk around my personal life. Ns mean, i think you deserve to understand that." Scarborough then added, "And, as always, i defer come Mika."

Scarborough teased your romance again in an April 2017 interview through The Hollywood Reporter, quipping, "We have actually a crackling on-air chemistry, and a crackling off-air chemistry, too." But once the interviewer inquiry Scarborough to clarify, Brzezinski interjected with, "That"s good." Scarborough then added: "I think the pretty much says it, doesn"t it?" Sheesh. It more than likely would have been much less stressful for anyone if this two simply released a statement indigenous the get-go.

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If you"re dating a coworker, possibilities are you go out of your means to store things professional. This reportedly isn"t the situation for Brzezinski and Scarborough, who supposedly put their connection ahead that their job-related commitments. 

Sources linked to Morning Joe required to Page Six in July 2017 come complain around the couple"s regular vacations, an continuous headache for the show"s production team. "Joe and Mika are away with each other again," the insider claimed. "Morning Joe is being created as if they"re in two various locations. They are not! They room together — castle are constantly together." In one claimed instance, staffers were allegedly tasked with creating two separate sets while the couple vacationed in London together, also though they to be "yards" except one another. "It"s very challenging working ~ above a present where the 2 stars are in a relationship," the resource said around the situation. If those rumors are true, this seems like a weird method for professionals to behave. 

Speaking that professionalism, there"s reason to think Scarborough doesn"t respect Brzezinski together a coworker. Want some proof? look at no more than a February 2018 episode of Morning Joe that made headlines because that Scarborough"s watch rude habits toward his beau. It all went down after Scarborough cut Brzezinski off together she do the efforts to provide her take on fake news and also misinformation campaigns, something i m sorry irked their guest panelist, historian Rick Perlstein. "Joe, ns think Mika was trying to say other there," Perlstein said.

"Rick, ns am curious, did her earpiece go out?" Joe sarcastically snapped at Perlstein. "Did you not hear her say the before? ns knew she to be trying come say something and she claimed it and also then I followed up." Yikes. To the panelist"s evident discomfort, Scarborough ongoing to joke about his "malfunctioning" earpiece. Not just is that uncomfortable the Scarborough reduced off Brzezinski to begin with, but it"s likewise odd that he shed his cool as soon as Perlstein protected her. Perhaps there"s more to the story here, yet Scarborough should consider giving Brzezinski much more air time due to the fact that she"s an accomplished journalist who have the right to hold her own.

Imagine what you"d execute if your partner referred to as you snotty and also rude on television. That"s the precise predicament Brzezinski discovered herself in April 2017, once Scarborough got upset that she doubted his take it on Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner having actually positions of power in the White House. Scarborough claimed he was fine through the situation, given that his "political hero," Bobby Kennedy, to be appointed Attorney general by his older brother, President man F. Kennedy, in 1961. Brzezinski didn"t favor that comparison, jumping in with: "So you"re compare Ivanka Trump come Bobby Kennedy?"

"You don"t need to be so snotty..." Scarborough shooting back. "You don"t have to be therefore rude.The truth of the issue is that they room not Bobby Kennedy — together I was around to to speak — however you want to obtain your cheap shoot in so you got your cheap shoot in. No i am not saying Jared and also Ivanka are Bobby Kennedy." Woah. What one unfortunate way to law your partner on-air, right? 

Scarborough later on tweeted an apology that sorts: "Me: I"m sorry. Mika : Don"t sweat it."

When Brzezinski and also Scarborough aren"t fighting on-air, they"re flirting up a storm. Case in point: during a February 2018 episode, Scarborough made uncomfortable jokes around the pair"s partnership while holding Brzezinski"s arm. "We simply crossed a line," Scarborough said to Brzezinski. "We haven"t yes, really done that since we"ve been engaged. Everyone has seen your grandparents kissing and we understand that we"re old people. Nobody desires to view that."

When Brzezinski flirtatiously protested Scarborough"s advances, he continued to tease. Uh, is this discourse appropriate for a politics morning show? We"re no so sure, yet if friend ask part fans, the answer is no. "Get a freakin" room," one viewer tweeted. Another said: "Think I"m going to hurl now."

These days, it"s pretty usual for couples come live together before getting engaged, but Scarborough and Brzezinski walk nothing the the sort, and the reasons might surprise you. The situation supposedly boiled under to their gaggle the pets and also their busy schedules. "The couple says they are right currently doing a lot of racing around, wondering how to blend your households, whereby they will certainly find an are for their an unified three dogs, three cats, 2 rabbits, and chickens," reported Vanity Fair. (Isn"t that what assistants are for?)

Strange sorry aside, the pair"s relationship shows up to it is in on hard ground no matter where these two reside. "I"m not certain where us begin and also the other ends. We"re simply really connected," Brzezinski told the Intelligencer. Aww.

Scarborough and Brzezinski"s relationship ended up being even much more unique when, in January 2017, president Donald Trump offered to marry the couple. Even stranger? Trump"s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, available to perform the deed first. You can"t do this stuff up, people.

The weirdness go down during Scarborough and Brzezinski"s visit to the White home to speak with Trump about his presidency, however the command in chef had another topic in psychic — Scarborough and also Brzezinski"s wedding plans. Trump argued the two obtain hitched in ~ the White home or his famous hotel, Mar-A-Lago. "That"s as soon as Jared interrupted and also said, "Hey, you understand what? I"ve obtained my license. I could marry you,"" Scarborough told Vanity Fair. Trump, supposedly excited by this suggestion, shot back: "Why would certainly you marry them? They can have the president of the United states marry them."

Considering the negative state the Trump"s connection with the pair these days, we"re relieved this fantasy never materialized.

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Where you pick to obtain married have the right to say a lot about your relationship, i m sorry is why we"re a little surprised Scarborough and Brzezinski made decision to wed at the nationwide Archives in Washington, D.C. That"s right, the couple traded vows — which they"ve waited year to say — top top Nov. 24, 2018 in prior of the Constitution, the declaration of Independence, and the invoice of Rights. "It renders sense now more than ever, offered what us stand for as a couple, what we carry out for a living, and also what we"re worried around as a country," Brzezinski told Vanity Fair. Scarborough admitted the he didn"t have actually much choice in the matter: "I was yes, really Mika"s wedding planner. Ns did what she told me come do."

Although we know the reasoning behind the venue (The two room both political heavyweights, after all), it appears a tiny too on the nose. However, that wasn"t ours wedding, and these two are plainly continuing to make the decisions the work ideal for castle — also if those selections buck tradition and stir up the rumor mill. We send ours well-wishes to the happy couple and great them a long and prosperous union.