Mila Kunis and also Ashton Kutcher are among the cutest — and also most — lover couples in Hollywood. Though they’ve just been married for 5 years, the duo has actually proven the they to be destined to be together and that your love just gets more powerful with time.

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While it’s clear the there were made for each other, it transforms out the their compatibility isn’t the only thing that’s assisted their marriage last. Keep analysis to find out the an enig behind Kunis and Kutcher’s loving and enduring union.



Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis | C Flanigan/FilmMagic

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In 2012, the was shown that Kutcher and Kunis to be officially dating. Virtually two years later, the pair got engaged, and in July 2015, castle tied the knot.

Today, Kunis and Kutcher room still happily married and also have two kids together — daughter Wyatt, 6, and son, Dimitri, 3 1/2.

Though the pair has to be the target of rest up rumors on an ext than one occasion, they continue to expertly shut down speculation that they’re headed towards divorce and prove the their relationship simply keeps getting far better with time.

Here’s exactly how Kunis and Kutcher store their marital relationship strong

Since Kunis and Kutcher are the summary of the perfect Hollywood couple, numerous have wondered just how the pair has actually maintained together a strong and loving relationship all this years.

While having known each other for so lengthy likely has actually something to carry out with it, Kunis previously revealed the simple an enig to her and Kutcher’s lasting marriage.

“Communication is key,” the actor told E! News at the A poor Moms Christmas premiere in 2017.

While gift open and also honest with each other has been working in the couple’s favor, it simply so occurred that that’s not the only reason their marital relationship is for this reason strong.

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During a 2017 interview with E! News, Kunis revealed the she never gets annoyed by Kutcher, which might explain why the couple’s bond has yet to it is in severed.

“I can provide you an moral answer, and also this is walking to be the opposite of what world want come hear. My husband does no annoy me. That doesn’t. He really doesn’t,” she shared. “I don’t recognize if this happens later. We’ve only been married for a handful of years. Friend know, it’s very much in the honeymoon step of things.”

She added, “We still really love and also like each various other daily. Us really do. I have actually an unbelievable partner in crime. I really do, and also I’m so thankful for that every day.”